Homecoming II

Here are another set of photos I took while I was in Cebu. It was the photos I took the last time I was there while the first from my previous post was way back 2010. Enjoy!

Bon Voyage!
Flowers, a photographer-in-the-making's first subject.
A monitor lizard that one of my relatives caught. It was big and scary.

One of my most favorite shot. Its titled "Nature at Work".
That's it guys, is it that obvious that I'm excited? I just can't contain it haha. Well, I better sleep now, early flight tomorrow. Have a good night everyone!


  1. I like the "Nature at Work". Its captivating to see those vines conquering the rusty barb wire.

    1. true, its like nature is against to what the barb wire is doing. Fascinating right?

  2. lovely pics :) I'm following your blog. :)