For the Future Trust nTrust!

Education is the best provision for old age - Aristotle

College, the last training ground for us students before facing our professional life. It is here that we finally realize what our future should be. A time of a college student is precious, and yet here we are, standing in line waiting to pay our tuition fee.Seriously? We still have classes and I still need to find the value of X minus the root of Y plus the weight of a falling leaf! But here I an waiting in line..

Waiting in line can be tiring, so much that this poor student decided to take a quick nap!

But the wait ( and the line ) is over. Mo more queues, no more tiring legs, no more wasted precious time, for brilliant solution finally arrived


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the future of monetary transactions, nTrust!
Now enough with the drama and let's get down to business!

nTrust is the world's first global network that let's every single living organism send and receive money  (I may have overdone some parts there he-he). The best part is that it's FREE. I know you're already salivating but i am not done just yet. You can literally send and receive whatever amount you desire, may it a hundred, a thousand or even  cent! Though I don't know anyone who would want to receive a cent. Plus, in what currency you want. Saying that this is very convenient is colossal understatement. This is very helpful especially to our dear OFW's and their families (like me!) for they can now easily remit money to the Philippines. No lines, no forms, no hassle!

Being a college student myself, I can really say that this innovation of sending money to the Philippines is big, big help. Now, I don't have to worry about wasting my time just to pay my tuition, which honestly takes a lot of time. Instead, I can use that time for gimmick studying. Furthermore, it is not only me who will benefit but my Mom who is working abroad. Now her worries of paying my tuition on time will be gone. Thanks nTrust! 

By now you're wondering "how can you use nTrust to transfer money to the Philippines?" It's easy! Just go to nTrust and register, deposit and withdraw. Done! Welcome to civilization! Kidding! Of course you have to give them a information about yourself too, so they can cater to your specific needs. Trust me, this is very convenient for you could also deposit and withdraw money from your local bank. And don't even worry if you're sending money to someone not registered to nTrust, they will still receive the money by just following the step that nTrust will send them! Neat huh!?

Money transfer has never been this easy. Gone are the days when OFW's send money through snail mail. gone are the days when we have to wait for a week before receiving the money. Gone are the days when we have to line up and fill up forms every time receive remittances. Now, with a just the tip of your fingers and a few clicks, you can now enjoy those hard earned money to the last cent. And that is innovation brought to you by nTrust. Join now!

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