Why I Finally Joined Youtube!?

I finally gave in to my inner demons and posted a video!

If you remember (which I know you don't), I wrote a very emotional post about my attempt in making a channel and join Youtube's roster of unique, creative, and consistent vloggers. Since then and despite losing interest, the idea of me vlogging was still playing in the back of my mind where all my other traumas are.

Then this mother-tucking quarantine happened. Everyone was forced to stay at home and avoid social contact, including me. AND I FREAKING LOVE IT! 

I binge on Youtube and celebrated with people who are living a dream mine. For a moment, I was content with just being one of the viewers. Then I started watching Lloyd Cadena and Bakla ng Taon and they gave me the inspiration and the fire I didn't know I need to really pursue my passion. 

Long story short, everyone, meet Eugenisms the Vlog! There's nothing much going on yet. And I hope that this is not just a phase like other projects I did in the past. But I'd really appreciate it you guys can subscribe and support me like how you have been the past 8 years. Yes, I am talking to my 3, maybe 4 loyal readers.

The reason why I'm writing here now (aside from promoting my channel), it to share why I finally created a vlog. I'd also want to share want I intend to do with my platform and *cross-fingers* the money I will hopefully earn.

1. Spread Laughter and Happiness - I want my channel to be an escape to those who are tired of seeing all the atrocities in the world. I want to, even if temporarily, be a source of happiness for people who needs it. I want my viewers to laugh until they cry. I, too, have been loud fighting and spreading information online about all things politics and current affairs. But there are days that it affects me too much and I need to rest, that's why I created the channel. And I want people to do the same; when you're tired of fighting, go to my channel, laugh, recharge, then continue the battle!

2. Help My Community - one of the things that stood out to me watching Lloyd Cadena's videos is how he helps his community; I have always wanted to do the same. But my plans are always grand because I thought that is the only way I could help. I dream of building schools for Bantayan, pave roads, provide a livelihood, and promote education. All of which is unattainable given that I am but a cute corporate drone. Lloyd proved that help comes in all forms and that is something I want to emulate. Just watch his videos and see.

3. Give my Mom a house - and that's on periodt!

So yeah. Thank you guys for the support. I hope I see you all on my channel. Don't worry, I will not neglect this website (assuming I haven't already). Eugenisms.com will always be my baby, forevs!


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