It was our prelims week
And I thought it as going to be hard
All this reading makes me sick
And reviewing makes me feel awkward

But you’re always in my sight
Making my days feel right
Making me forget how hard it is to review
All that with just the thought of you

Even the major exams feel so easy
I can finish the minor subjects In a jiffy
All of that is because of you
Your eyes, your nose and your lips too

My professors are being suspicious about my smile
I just couldn’t hide even for a while
They maybe thinking that i’m cheating
They just can’t get it but its you im thinking

Maybe im thinking a lot
And don’t tell me to move on because I cannot
And I don’t know if you feel the same way too
I don’t even know if you notice me passing by you

Oh well there’s no guarantee
Pass or fail its up to destiny
Maybe its just one of my crazy tale
I just hope my exams I wouldn’t fail
-October 26,2010

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