Which Pinoy BL Did It For Me?

Nobody asked for my opinion but I'm gonna give it anyway.

Welcome to my TedTalk. Today we will be discussing two of the most popular Pinoy BL series and who did it the best.

I am doing this because I am drunk and I have things to say.

I am not, in any way, promoting one over the other. Everyone should see both because this is such a milestone for the community. I mean the Philippines is SO conservative when it comes to subjects like this (I'm sorry this is such a funny statement). So it is such a celebration that we are now producing content like these. Let's begin


This is where I have a problem deciding who told the better story.

The premise of Hello Stranger is the more plausible between the two because 1. it was a school setting during the pandemic and it makes sense 2. while the premise of Gameboy could happen, I have a problem with answering the phone or video call from a stranger. I know the latter was personal but this is also my list so yeah.

Good, so if I like the premise of Hello Stranger better, it should be the choice and clear winner, right? Of course not, I wouldn't be this big of a mess if I make a choice that simply.

One of the problems I have with Hello Stranger is development; both stories and characters. This is such a shame because the chemistry between the 2 leads was so thick and viscous oh my gosh!

Maybe its the storytelling? I don't know I don't make good life choices.

Also, while the premise is plausible, the entire story isn't. It is such a trope that the hot varsity falls in love with the geek. It's a story told in all ways possible. Effective, but overdone. The straights love it, the gays love it. Everybody loves it, except me.

So for me, Gameboys is still the clear winner given how they took a questionable premise to a wonderful story. Whereas, Hello Stranger failed to elevate a strong premise and instead, told an already telled story.


Come on, let's be real. Pearl alone can chokeslam the entire cast of Hello Stranger and still be funny after. That is how strong Gameboys' supporting cast is.

For the leads, its neck and neck to be honest. The chemistry for both leads is so undeniable. It's thick, viscous, and super slimy that I couldn't get it off until now, I always go by on my own. I never really cared until I met you.

So for the leads, they both did it for me. But if we're to include the entire cast, Gameboys is miles ahead. Like miles, Aubrey Miles.


I'm giving points to Paris, Cairo, and London names. Like that is so fucking creative.


Same with characters, Gameboys overall is the better acted between the two. But I have one big problem:


I don't mean to be political but yeah. It's about time that the community gets the representation it deserves.

And again, Pearl can chokeslam the entire Hello Stranger cast. Leila (Cai's mom) can 619 the hell out of the Hello Strangers cast. And Terrence and Wesley can do whatever they want because they are such a cutiepatootie.


Let me start by saying that this pandemic is a challenge on its own.

That said, I think that Gameboys is better produced than Hello Stranger. Which is a surprise given how the latter is backed by ABSCBN.

And John F Kennedy, the songs and the soundtrack alone can chokeslam the entirety of Hello Stranger.

So yeah. I'm using a lot of chokeslams because I lowkey want/need a good choking right now. I dunno maybe Chao Fan or a Chrispy Chicken Lauriat.

PS (pawnshop)

I wrote this drunk yesterday. I am also drunk today but I'm not the same person I was yesterday. I was not born with that consistency.

PSS ( Palawan Pawnshop )

Because I was not the same drunk person I was yesterday, I just can't continue the thought process. I thought of adding more to this but I just don't have the ability to can.




I wrote this in the midst of inebriation last month. While I am certainly not sober now, I think I have better grasp of my thoughts now and than when I wrote this. I just want to say again that I dont mean to pit the series against each other. I am simply writing down my observations. Like I said in the beginning, both series are worth the watch. I enjoyed both of them but of course, I enjoyed Gameboys better. Also, this is such a huge step for the Philippine media to produce content centered around the LGBTQ++ community. Gone are the days that gay people are used just to get a laugh, or a token bestfriend. We are now taking centerstage. While I feel like we have more to conquer (casting being one), I am nonetheless proud and thankful to the people behind both productions. Thank you so much.

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