This Is Me Forcing Myself To Write Something

Hey guys! It's 2020! Wow!

Yes, that's the intro because I couldn't be bothered to write anything more than that to welcome my less than 5 readers to a blog that they probably don't understand why the blogger is still trying. 

Yes! Positivity this 2020 is starting strong!

Anyway, did you know that this year, my blog will celebrate its 8th year of confused existence? Neither did I! I just found out today looking at my very first post (which, due to a horrendous syntax anomaly, is currently drafted). And did you know that my first post was on a leap day? Neither did I! I just found out today looking at my very first post (which is still drafted). Lastly, did you know that I created this blog on a leap year (hence, the leap day first post)? I did! I don't remember doing but yeah. What's even more amazing is that 2020 is a leap year! Would you look at that! The stars are all aligned to make this year my blog's year. Aaand that's if I can muster enough neurons to write as much as I can. I am not guaranteeing anything. 

To commemorate this milestone, let's look at some astonishing highlights of my blog as we go through numbers and history of the only thing that stayed with me this long (aside from my devotion to anything alcoholic). 

Let's first begin with my blog name.

It started with Metered Words. Back in college (when I started this blog), I was so into poetry and not to brag but I've received quite a praise for some (again, some) of my works. I thought back then that I have to share this gift to the blogosphere and the whole cyberspace so I created what was then, Metered Words. 

My first header and my first bio. I was so polite back then. 

My Tops

Tops like most viewed posts, most commented and such. A different list of tops is for another blog post soon. 

1. My most viewed post is my review of the Jadine movie 'Never Not Love You' which is not surprising because I tweeted about it using the movie's hashtag and the fans noticed. 

2. My most commented post is my #5s New Year post about hobbies I want to bring back. This was also the time when I was still active with a blogging group I joined and they have this thing where you share your current blogpost and members will view and comment on it provided you do the same for others. Which is why I think I have a lot of comments on this post. 

3. My most liked Facebook post of a blog post is my awesome negative review for Eerie.

What's next?

I don't really know. I mean I have been doing this for 8 years (inconsistently, but 8 fuckin years). I do know that I want to continue writing and ranting and being my usual inconsistent self.

All I wanna say is thank you, from the bottom of wherever my heart is. Thank you for putting up with me and all of whatever I choose to write. 

Again, this is me forcing myself to write something so sorry if its all over the place which is on trend with my blog. Thank you all!


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  2. RADY? As in Rose Anne D? Yocte? hihi