Love teaches us to smile in the morning,and carry that smile throughout the day. It teaches us how to be happy with the silly things, small things.
Love changes, everything.
It is why the flowers bloom, the reason why the sun rises. It is the reason why the waves cross the sea. It is the reason why the earth revolves around the sun.
Love is ironic.
It makes you happy, it makes you smile. But then, it can make your tears fall and make you feel all the pain in the world. It makes you question your existence. And you know its love, when despite all that, you find small silly reasons to smile in the morning, carry that smile throughout the day and keeping that smile until you sleep.
But at the end of the day, love is just and always be an emotion. Just like any other emotions, it fades. Love can be of impulse, it can be deceitful. Love can lie. Love can make you see great things, the grandeur of living, things that are not permanent, things that fades. Proving love can be wrong.
But love can change, Everything. It can make wrong things right.
And to make love right is to have it shared because love is not selfish. Love is giving everything. It is called sacrifice. Its getting things the hard way that teaches us to value it. And we make the valuable important by sharing it with the one we love. 
Love is not perfect, and it is sacrifice to ignore flaws, especially by the one you love. Its called acceptance.
Acceptance is also knowing that no matter how much we love them, there will come a time that they should leave. Maybe for a moment, maybe forever.
But you know its love when you remember that person when you wake up in the morning and smile, and you carry that smile throughout the day, even at night, even in your dreams, knowing that once in your life, you love someone and you know its true. And they loved you back, and you know its true. Its called Faith.
Love is Faith, Faith is Love
And with Faith, everything else is possible, you just have to learn how to believe.

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