Metered Words:Prologue

Hi!, My name is Euge
and yes my body is Huge
My blog is about metered words
I guess my pen is mightier than my sword
No puns intended
I hope no gets offended
For none will be taken
Once my words are spoken

Why do I find hard to make a description of myself? Much more in a poetic way. Am I that perfect? No?

I guess I'd rather introduce myself in an easier way than strain my nerves writing something poetic about me which is non-existent. There is nothing poetic about me, but my life is. Then again, I am my life. oh bummer!

Hey guys, My name is Red. I'm 20 years old and I like to write poems, stories, senseless rants and commentaries. This has been my one of my many attempts to start a blog, and I hope this time it will be a successful try. Stupid as it may sound, the reason why I fail my previous blog attempts is because my memory fell rather short when it comes to remembering my password(s). And I am hoping that this time, will be my final attempt. I have my fingers crossed, my hopes up, and my pen is ready.

Metered Words is about me, my life, and my passion for my buying thousands of pens and notebooks. I hope we can be friends, and I hope you will visit my blog whenever you can. I guess thats it for now. Good Day!
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  1. stumbled about your blog. following=)

    1. Thank you very much!Sorry for the late answer:)