Between Our Campus

I feel like giraffe
Whenever the bus passes by your campus
I stretch my neck as long as i can
The whole campus im trying to scan
Hoping maybe ill see your face
Hope is all i can embrace
On my way home i still do the same
Its like trying to win an unwinnable game
But i will never give up never again
Even though i have nothing to gain
Call me crazy, say im insane
I wont lose hope,i know i can see your face
Even if hope is all i can embrace
So what if your with somebody
I dont care if your not even looking for me
Its not my fault my heart still beats your name
Nobody deserves the blame
All i want to say is i still feel the same
And i swear ill never let you go again
All i can do now is to hope that i can see your face
Ill do that for thousands of years
Although hope is all i can embrace
-July 07, 2009

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