On Being A Writer

Have you ever had that moment when you were just thinking about writing an intellectual piece which everyone will drool over, then just after the first paragraph, your thoughts become wild and starts to run around your head, evading your every effort to keep them intact. And after some time, all you efforts will be in vain for all the amazing,intellectual thoughts has already escaped, leaving you wordless and confuse as to what you are to write about. Yep, happens all the time.
But bigger question for me is: Would anyone care? Will they spend some of their precious time reading something from someone anonymous? If they did, would they even understand the message or topic itself? Will it create a cloud of thought that will encourage the reader to write his/her own piece?
As a writer, I would like to think that I am a writer, I always feel the need to be heard, to be read, to be understood and to be appreciated. Not for the sake of popularity, but just the thought of someone out there was able to read my works, and they were able to understand me. Something in me will be in them as well. May it be an idea, or a philosophy, or a simple thought.
The advent of the Internet has certainly boosted the amount of readership, though the line between those who read and understand and those that reads are blurry, I  would like to think that, somehow, I was able to contribute in the youth’s worthy reading habits. I’m not that good, but I aspire to be good. The rooms for my improvement is still big. I may not be there yet, but I am certainly on my way.

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