The sky is feeling the same
Every thundering noise is like shouting your name
Ever raindrop is my tears falling
This very storm is my heart aching

Maybe heaven doesn't agree
Of my dreams about you and me
Its like every lighting is trying to say
That loving you is walking the wrong way

But then, they say every rain is a blessing
Does it mean that I should not stop whatever it is I am feeling?
That you and me are really meant to be together?
That this rain is the start of our happily ever after?

But then again you and I is wrong
And this I know all along
There's no sense in trying to make myself believe
Cause from the start, our story is not meant to live

I hope the rain would wash away everything
Even you memory that I'm still loving
You face that I cant help admiring
You that I love, I cant stop but I am trying.

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