3 Months

Good Morning! Haha its past midnight and I'm still wide awake.

Just so you guys know, its my blogs 3rd Month! Time flies so fast. It seems like yesterday that I decided to create my last blog ever and now I'm on my 3rd month. I want to thank you all for visiting my blog. Thank you for reading my poems and stories, and I do hope that somehow, I was able to inspire you.

I've had 1200+ hits in 3 months, I don't know if its enough or what, but nevertheless I'm thankful. What surprises me more is that I get visitors from different countries such as Russia, Germany, Singapore, Canada, London and many more. Thank you very much!

Keep visiting my blog guys! And I would highly appreciate it if you will share your own stories and poems with me. Once again, thank you all! Many more months to come for Metered Words and on to my first year!

Smile and have a good day!

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