Boy Next Door

Nobody knows that he's in pain
That he silently cries every now and then
What went wrong?
Why does he feel so alone?

Mom and Dad broke up when was just a kid
Back then, he had no idea why they did
And no matter how much Mom and Dad explain
he couldn't understand
You make a family, make a child
then leave everything behind?
But he still tried his best even though he's wounded
Loving his parent though they're separated
But now he ask if it was ever worth the fight?
Was it worth crying for every night?
Now the family's gone, Mom and Dad found a new home
Leaving him here and there, wounded confuse and alone

Cry, cry little boy
Don't you wish everything was just like a toy?
That you can throw away whenever its broken
And buy a new one like nothing happened

And he grew up without someone to show him the way
Holding on to himself to survive each day
He taught himself how to fight and defend
from people whose kindness was just pretend
from people who promised to stay til the end
but was just there when there's money to spend
And so he became selfish, rude and learned how to lie
He was strong and independent but afraid to die
Because he's still hoping that Mom and Dad would patch things up
And from this horrible nightmare he'll finally wake up
But he found out Mom had a baby
So did Dad from his new family
He was shocked caused it happened so sudden
And now he's  just one of the children
So he tried to grow up, tried to mature
Cause Mom and Dad just had a baby they can't ignore
He tried to understand that they were lonely
that in order to forget they had to make a new family
And so he lived his life like any other teen
Cause the family that he wants is nothing but a dream

So he smoke,drink
Til he cant think
Think of want went wrong
While Mom and Dad sleep tight in their new found home

It came to a point that he felt like dying
Cause he doesn't feel happy even if he's trying
He tried to smile  to hide it all
His jokes and laughs was a great big wall
Cause inside he was about to fall
It was hard for him to wake up each day
Without a Mom or a Dad to ask him if he's okay
Without someone to comfort him when he cry
Without someone to save him when he's about to die
Every night he asks God what's His plan
for putting him through things far more than what he can
He asks God if His really there
Does He see his sufferings, or He just dont care
And so he went on with his life not knowing when will it end
But he's still happy cause he got some friends
but its not enough to stop his tears
they were not enough to relieve him of his fears
So he learned to count on to no one  but himself
and he learned to ignore everyone else
He learned that you create your own happiness
as much as you create your own sadness
He tried to live only for him
Cause in the end, only the selfish will win.

He can't cry anymore, so cut his wrist
Hoping that the pain will lessen at least
So he can sleep and prepare for the day ahead
So he can walk around with a smile on his face
So that everyone wouldn't notice that he's been long dead


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  1. This gives me goosebumps. This is really an eyeopener for couples who have child(ren) that would just decide to break the family so easily.

    It's the kids that always suffer.