Well, summer is really here. My sweaty underarms are proof of that, gross but accurate.

Anyways, how do you spend your summer?

When I was younger, summer is always equal to unlimited playing. And if Mom comes home from Saudi Arabia, we would always visit my Lolo and Lola in Cebu. I'm Cebuano by the way, from Bantayan Island specifically. I know you have heard of that  island before, and yes, the rumors are true, we have beautiful beaches. I love going back there, not only because its beautiful, but because my whole family is there. Not to boast or anything but I have 5 Uncles and an Aunt and I have 20 cousins. So you could imagine how festive it is whenever I'm there. I am also the the first and eldest apo so I was spoiled not only by my Lolo and Lola, but by my Unlces and Aunt as well, and almost everyone in our area. Whenever I go visit, people would always come to our house and bring fruits and coconuts. My Uncles would always give me the biggest fish they catch  and will cook it according to my liking. I feel important whenever I'm with them, and thats why I always call Bantayan Island as my home.
The infamous beach.
Sometimes, I prefer the provincial life rather than living in the city. Besides being lung-friendly, and those reasons stated above, you feel more connected with nature and with people. The Internet certainly has taken us to greater heights, far more than what our ancestors imagined. But along all the innovations, the very concept of face to face communication is slowly becoming obsolete thanks to "social networking" provided by the Net. It seems like the traditional and somewhat 'primitive' way of making friends is dying. You need not to ask someone for information about them, just look for them on Facebook and voila! Yes, I do use the Internet more often than not, it would be too hypocrite of me If I will deny that and yes, I have used it to 'get information' about someone. That is why I love when back home, cause I  am able to use the primitive ways to communicate.

The vast cornfields and coconut trees. Truly tropical.

Furthermore, it really is stress free. The hardest problem you will encounter is probably where to go next, or what to eat or when to wake up. 
Inihaw and 'Puso', a rice cooked inside coconut leaves. Hard to explain, easy to eat :)

                                                           So yeah, I really miss Cebu, the last time I've been there was last year, and it wasn't for a good reason. Even so, summer would be awesome if I get to go there again.

 So how will spend your summer this year? And where would you like to spend it?

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