A Very Fucked Up Birthday

Warning: Excessive use of profane language ahead. Read at your own risk.

What a fucking grand way to celebrate your birthday than to fucking spend half of it waiting for your fucking money that the fucking bank seem to have forgotten to process. In what fuckery's name was it allowed to happen, and who gave the fucking permission to make it happen on my very birthday. Murphy's law state's that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Oh! Fuck that! Everything should go on blissfully during your one special day, and yet mine is all fucked up because of no fucking reason.

Yes, yesterday was my birthday and I spent half of it waiting for my money, but it's all fine now. At the end of the day it was mighty fine. What matters most is that I'm still alive and breathing. Anyway, here are some photos of some random flowers here. I don't really have that much to blog so that's it!

That's it for now. Have a good day folks!

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