And I go back
to where my feet are chained
and my hands are tied
loneliness is inescapable 
and it haunts you down

Here, in this four corners of cheap cement
I have been many things
I have lived many lives
all the while making a fool out of myself
for my own existence I cannot seem to enjoy

Here is where I fake laughs and smile
Here is where "I'm okay" all the time
Here is where my tears fall silently
as everyone sleeps their way through the night

And after a taste of liberty
I go back gain to this sad, sad life
Where my screams are never heard
I have always wanted to escape but how?

As I lay down on my bed
I feel the walls moving closer towards me
Giving me little to no space to breath
I feel crowded
I feel suffocated
and with the just a slight movement of my hand
I explode into a stellar display of lights
into nothingness
I am but a myth

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