The River of Life

I just donated blood! I have always wanted to do this, for a very long time in fact. I'm not afraid of anything, it's just that I was not sober enough whenever our school conducts its annual blood letting. Good thing I was in my best shape this morning, and when I saw that they are doing the program, I decided to give blood without hesitation.
Sorry, I should have rotated this.
Contrary to what others assume, it doesn't hurt. Well, there is pain but a tolerable one, it's like a bug bite. It's funny cause most people think it does and it makes them and others avoid blood donation. There was this girl who was in the bed next to me during the donation process, and she was covering her face while the nurse inserts the needle, while the guy to my left was shaking throughout the process. I can't blame them though, we have different pain tolerance.

Anyway, blood donation is really good for you and for the community. Its like a two way street all leading for goodness. It is not unknown that blood donating help others who are in need. It really help those who immediately needs blood transfusion but can't afford it. By donating, charities and blood bank in your local area will have ample supply of blood. Plus, whenever you or one of your family needs blood, just present the ID (the blue one) you got from any donation event you made and you get free blood.
Yup, that's me during the donating. I took
the picture personally haha strong me.

Another benefit of blood donation is it rids your body of toxic and waste. Excess Iron is also removed which can cause cancer. Your body also produces new blood which can help you lose weight and make you feel fresh and healthy. Plus you get free food and drink after you donate. Nothing is even better than a good meal after helping others. So if ever there's a blood donating activity in your school,office or anywhere, do not hesitate to join. Just think of all the benefits of blood donation for you and for others. You never know, you might be someone's hero because of the blood you donated. Don't think of it as painful, think of it as a sacrifice for the greater good, as the cliche goes, its only love when you learn how to sacrifice.

The real reason why I really wanted to donate blood is that you can also ask for your blood type. I asked for mine and after many years of wondering, I can be at peace. My blood type is A.

How was your day? I hope you smiled today, carry that smile in your sleep! Have a good day folks!

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