After the Flood is Gone

Hey there folks! I'm back!

Yes, I am definitely back, I just hope someone did miss me hehe. Anyway, I was in Cebu for 9 days, that is why I wasn't able to post something. A lot has happened this past few days and to make up for the days I was not able to post, I will try to share my side on all of them.


Just to let everyone know, I am Pro RH-Bill and I will never even bother try explain why. I've heard and read people express their opinion in the most articulate and safe way, yet many will still react differently, whether Pro or Anti RH-Bill. In fact, not even explaining my stand will make several eyebrows rise.


I was actually enjoying a good weather in Cebu while Manila and other provinces suffer the wrath of Habagat. I really feel sad for my fellow countrymen. Just after typhoon Gener, we face Habagat, who posed a more serious threat, considering it was not even a typhoon. Habagat is west or southwest monsoon winds, if Google was right. See, it was just a wind passing by that brought all the rains that flooded many provinces. It was just wind passing by that left  many homeless, and some even lifeless. When nature makes it's call, one  can never be too careful. I don't even know if it's a good thing I was in Cebu and somehow escaped Habagat. Good thing we are Filipinos, no storm or wind can bend or break our resilience. No wind or flood can take away our 'bayanihan' culture. No passing storm or wind can crush our hope. 

I salute all those who volunteered to save and rescue our people. Even those who volunteered packing relief goods to be distributed. I salute all television networks for all their efforts. I salute all the people and companies who donated. I salute all of my countrymen for being brave and strong. I only hope we do this not only in the times of need but everyday of our lives.

One thing I hate though is politicians taking advantage of the situation and exert all effort possible to politically help the disaster victims. I hate the fact that they give credit to themselves in spending money that was not even theirs in the first place. But at the end of the day, any help done is good enough. Be it a publicity for a celebrity or a political agenda. The fact is they had the heart to help.

I guess that's it for now. I said many things happened but I only posted about two things, haha. Anyway, be safe guys. Typhoon Helen is expected tonight. In fact it's already raining outside. So take care folks! It really good to be back!

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