Amorosa: WTF?

We were dismissed early yesterday so I decided to kill sometime by watching a movie. I really wanted to watch I Do Bi Do Bi Doo, which is a musical, but I ended up buying a ticket for Amorosa: The Revenge. The reason? Well behind me was a beautiful girl, and you know, I just want to make an impression that I can handle horror movies (which I really can). She might think ill of me if she hears me buying a ticket for the musical movie. Infatuation aside, I went inside the cinema far too early, the movie is still in progress. I had no choice but to sit down and watch. Long story the movie finished and then played it played again, I wish it didn't.

The cast was good. In fact I was surprised that Angel Aquino was that good. Enrique Gil and Martin Del Rosario did well too. Jane Oineza however, stunned me, in a good way. Whenever her face is one screen I could only mutter " Ang ganda ng batang to" (this girl is beautiful). The setting is good too. Everything else, came falling down.

The story is typical, in fact it resembles that of an American movie "The Uninvited". The conflict is too shallow so is the resolve. The flashback's did not do any good. I was never scared. It was more of a drama than a horror movie. To sum it all, there was not enough cohesiveness to deliver the movie. It lacks on almost all the necessary parts.

Was it worth the money? Nah, I don't think so. I should have watched my other choice.

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