Metered Words Watch List

No, I'm not posting criminals to watch out for. I'm giving you a list of movies to watch, to accompany you in this rainy weather. I won't make this any longer, here's my list.

The Help - Starring Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer

Why Watch It: Its a roller-coaster movie. You'll find your self laughing and then crying and clapping and all. It's a about a young woman who decided to write a book about black help(maids). It was set during the time where black is not as accepted as today.

Watch It With: Your Mom. For that Mother and Son/Daughter bonding. Let Mom take a break from all her work and house chores. Pamper her with a hand massage, a bowl of popcorn and this movie. It's about time you her some love.

Red - Starring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren

Why Watch It: It's very rare that an action movie is able to smoothly fused with a dash of comedy. Red is a story a retired agent forced to fight his agency, along with some friends. Its an ass-kicking, gun firing, bomb-exploding action movie that will surely tickle your bone.

Watch It With: Dad. Of course, Dad would always love guns, no matter how old he is. Time to give the man of the house the break he deserves. It's time to have that awesome bonding sometimes. You never know, he might spill some beans about his long forgotten heydays. Just don't start with there's this girl/there's this boy conversation. You've been warned

21 Jump Street - Starring Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum

Why Watch It: High School will always be the best part of our life, no matter how much of a bully or bullied we are. What if you were given a chance to go back? Watch this two cops go undercover in high school, and laugh your socks off as they relieve their own high school life. Watch out for a special cameo!

Watch It With: You brother: Who better watch it with than someone who probably gave you a headache in High School? Seriously though it's time to give your brother a break from cars and girls. You might want to take this chance to ask him for some advice.

Brides Maids - Starring Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne,

Why Watch It: It's funny, really funny. Rarely do you see women make this kind of comedy, and it's all worth it. Follow the story of  Annie as she helps her best friend  Lil plan her wedding. This movie is full of funny characters that you will surely love.

Watch It With: Your Sister. It's probably good to take a break from annoying her and I think it's also a good time for her thumbs to take a break from all the social media. Just prepare yourself from all the tagging ad tweeting afterwards.

How To Train Your Dragon

Why Watch It: Come on, who hates dragons and vikings? It think we all went through that phase where we were dying to see dragons and vikings. Like any other animated films, this is a story of a kid who wanted to make a difference. Follow him and his cute dragon as they save their village, and their enemies.

Watch It With: Little Sibling. I know, you probably hate him/her for being such a spoiled brat. But let's not deny her this awesome movie that would probably fill his dreams with amazing stories. After all you've been a brat before, and they will probably annoy their way into making you watch it.

Insidious - Starring Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Lin Shayne

Why Watch It: Let's face it, we all have that love-hate relationship with horror movies. You love watching them, then hate them afterwards for your lack of sleep. But kidding aside this is one scary flick. Follow the story of one family as they face  ghosts and demons of their own to save each other.

Watch It With: The whole family, Friends. A horror movie is best enjoyed with a good company, someone brave ( or acts like one ) who will be willing to accompany to the CR.

That's about it folks. Just a short list of some movies that you might be interested in watching. I've watched all of them so you're sure it's good. Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful time watching them, together with Mom, Dad, Bro, Sis and the little ones. A family that watches together, enjoys together. Haha

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