I Thought of So Many Title for This Post and I Chose This

Thank God for the Mistress! It's one of those rare moments when something bad like uhmm having a mistress is something good. It was just so good of a movie.

I was so astounded, dumbfounded, surprised and all that jazz after watching. I was like "Shit, ang ganda." for the first minute after the movie ended. It was really, really beyond beautiful. A masterpiece, really a masterpiece.

I already expected that it will be one hell of an acting, but I was still blown away by everyone. Even Anita Linda's character was well executed, what else do I expect? Silly me. I'm not really a fan of John Llyod Cruz and Bea Alonzo, but damn! They certainly know how to make a damn good movie! Ronaldo Valdez and Hilda Koronel proves that acting is like wine, its get better as you grow older.

What's even more surprising is how the writers weaved the story. I mean, its another story of infidelity and love square which has been a plot murdered by movie makers every now and then and yet, the writers of the Mistress created something new to what is already used.

Honestly, I cried. I have ever been this immasculated for crying in a movie since Anne Hathaway died in "One Day". I mean the tension was well built to the point that the audience's emotion is at par with that of the characters.

Of course there are some glitch in the editing but other than that , the movie is insanely good. I'd watch it again given the chance. Congratulations Star Cinema and Viva Films!


  1. lol you got me with your "title". I hurried clicking your post when it went on top of my blog roll :)

    Don't judge me but I seldom watch Tagalog movies for reasons that I refused to tell because it might incriminate me ha ha

    I noticed that there are number of bloggers who posted about this movie so now I am intrigued and having the urge to watch it too.

    anyway, just want to let you know that among the post I've read abut this movie, yours is the best so far ;)

  2. Wow sounds like a must-watch!