Kedebon Eliminated:Spare Me the Drama

Mighty Kedebon (source)
LOL, I just feel like 'englishing' tonight, haha

Kedebon Colim was eliminated in the Philippine franchise of the X Factor. His journey ended very tearfully thanks to his great mentor Mr. Martine Nievera.  It was a brave decision he took and was truly commendable. It's really hard to see someone go, let alone to personally say it. It was probably a hard decision, I felt his sincere regret and sadness.

Honestly, I was never fan of Kedebon, no offence. His types don't really come into mind whenever you talk about the 'x factor'. He do have a talent, but nothing new. To me, he was put into the show to give it some texture and color. After all we are fond of rags-to-riches story. So who are we to deny him of his dream?

That's when the problem comes in. When you judge someone like Kedebon you will automatically be the bad guy, villain, and you should be stoned to death, or something less violent.  But sometimes, we deny someone their chance just because they are competing against Kedebon. People will say harsh things when you judge them, saying it's unfair and they should be given a chance. We let go of talented individuals just so we can save someone like Kedebon.

Don't take me wrong, I'm no handsome myself nor do I posses the "x factor" in fact I'm a walking 200 pound worth of fat. What am I trying to say? It seems that nowadays, being "unconventional looking" is a commodity. It has become an advantage for some whose trying to get into the show business. Yeah they have the talent, but there will always be someone better than them in more ways and yet they will sympathize their way into what they think is stardom. It is show business, you feed the peoples eyes and imagination.What the people see is what really matters. It wouldn't be called "show" business if not for that reason. Yeah Kedebon might actually make it, but he will never last. In fact, I would have preferred him to go home early on the show. He is merely being used as marketing strategy for the show. As I have said we love rags-to-riches, we love the ugly ducking stories. It's a total crowd pleaser, but it will wane off. Just look at Melai of PBB, yeah she has work but she isn't the star that she was before. She isn't the over-hyped cinderella that she once was inside the house. That could be Kedebon in two or three years time

All I'm saying is that maybe his elimination is blessing in disguise. He is bashed in all sides of the binary land. And everyone is really good, in fact a lot of those who went home is good, it is them who could be stars. Anyway, that's just my thoughts, I don't even think that would be worth two cents, haha

Good Night folks!

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