Craving for Coffee

Good Morning!

I am currently salivating while thinking of cups and cups of hot or cold coffee. I don't know why this cravings kick in today. I am perpetually in love with coffee in all forms and a day is not a day without a cup of it, even if it means I have to have it in the wee hours of midnight, I couldn't care less.

It's one of those days that I wish I'm with someone special. Someone who would be sweet enough to make me  cup or go to the nearest coffee shop and buy me one. Which is insanely impossible because I am single and I don't expect women to be that 'industrious' haha no offense. Anyway since I love coffee so much I listed down the pro's and con's of my beloved coffee.

The Cons

NO, there are no con's whatsoever in drinking coffee, it is beyond safe and healthy. Haha kidding! As much as I love coffee, there have been proven health risks inclined with coffee, and some of them are:

  • Drinking coffee can cause irregular heartbeats. Here in the Philippines we call it "nerbyos".
  • It can also increase bad cholesterol levels, especially when consumed heavily (Yikes!)
  • Coffee can also cause disturbances on our arteries, which causes the latter to become stiff.
  • Coffee is also a mild diuretic, meaning it increasing urine excretion. This might explain you frequent comfort room visits.However, it can neutralized by drinking a extra cup of water. Moreover, frequent excretion can also lover you calcium level, which in turn can cause osteoporosis. 
  • It can cause or trigger heartburn. No not the passionate burning sensation you feel with someone, its actually something not good.
  • And of course, the infamous effect of coffee: it can cause sleep deprivation. Maybe the reason why I sleep at 1 in the morning.

The Pros

And of course to be fair, I have here the amazing health benefits of coffee, which can entice you into drinking coffee.

  • It makes you more handsome or beautiful. 
  • Kidding! Haha I have drank more cups than I could ever count, and nothing happens. How I wish it's true.
  • This is the real one. Coffee is loaded with antioxidants (apparently more than tea) as well as chlorogenic acid and melanoidins. 
  • Regular coffee intake can help prevent Parkinson's Disease ( the one Anne Hathaway had in the film "Love and Other Drugs". I repeat, regular not excessive. Haha
  • Coffee can also help the body against the development of Type 2 Diabetes. 
  • Good news for those who love to party and drink, coffee can help prevent liver cirrhosis especially alcoholic cirrhosis.
  • More good news, it can also prevent kidney stone formation.
  • Being a well known stimulant, coffee helps improve mental performance. 
  • It can also prevent Alzheimer's Disease and can also open airways which is quite beneficial for Asthma sufferers. 
  • And to end it all, Caffeine was placed as "Generally Recognized As Safe" by the Food and Drug Administration in 1958.
You see? Drinking coffee is not at all bad. Just take in moderation, like one or two cups a day. It might have positive effects in the body but don't forget the negative effects it brings to the body, especially the heart related ones. 

Anyway, that is my Sunday gift for all of you. I hope you enjoyed my post today. Rest assured it was informative for me as well. Have a good Sunday folks! Smile!

Now where's that cup....

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