Long Titles Are Quiet Catchy, Here's Another One

Hey Guys! I'm back and blogging, apparently at 1 in the morning, haha

Yes, its way past midnight, and I am still wide awake. I still have classes tomorrow, not to mention a thesis defense so I really don't why am I still awake. Anyway,  I owe you guys so much! I missed a lot of things, a I really missed blogging. Goodness! I am so much late with so many issues, from Cyber Crime Law to KZ winning the X-Factor. Plus movie reviews too! I'm never gonna go away again, ever!

So rest assured that my hibernation is over, and I am armed and ready to blog again. Anyway, I just want to thank Ate Balut  for that Versatile Blogger Award, and for visiting blog even when I'm not virtually around, thank you so much Ate! I want to thank those who visited my blog these past few days even if its stagnant for quite sometime, thanks!

I really miss writing poems and all, so since Saranggola Blog Awards is having its yearly competition, I am planning to join many if not all of the categories, haha.

I guess that's it for now, its really really way past bedtime so I'm gonna go and hit the bed. Good Ni.. err Good Morning folk! Off to Dreamland!

Ngiting Puyat! Hahaha

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