Shut Up Heart! You Got It Wrong This Time!

Hi guys. I'm bit confused right now. The last time I felt like this, it never did anybody any good. In fact, whenever I feel like this, it doesn't do me any good at all. All those crazy things they say when your in love is nothing but fantasy. In real life, it sucks to be in love. Really, I don't know it I have lost faith in it or I'm just not prepared for it. One thing I do know though, I am in love with the person I never expected to fall for. It was out of the blue, one day I woke up and I'm like this. I tried to fight it. I was having mood swings every now and then, I cannot smile for so long. I can't talk to anybody. I was down right crazy, to think that I have final exams to attend to, and we have a major event tomorrow. I have to stay calm and collected otherwise I would burst like Mount Vesuvius and kill half of the population. 

Anyway, what made it worst is that I accidentally threw away a poem I made for the person. I took it as a sign that we will never be together, thank you very much serendipity. Oh well, I doubt that we will be together any time soon. Actually, it's next to impossible. So like I always do, I will face the world with a smile on my face while mentally swearing profanities. 

Anyway, have a great Sunday folks! At least someone, somewhere is enjoying what I currently loathe. Smile!

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