And on the 8th Day, He Went to See A Movie

Hey guys, Good Morning!

Is my title good? I hope it's not too blasphemous or offensive. Anyway, I went to see Madaling Araw, Mahabang Gabi yesterday. I was about to blog about last night but the light it my room is broken and I can't type as fast and as precise, so I am blogging about it today.
On with the movie. I really, really waited for the movie ever since I got the chance to watch the trailer. I was excited because 1) It was directed by Mr.Dante Nico Garcia, who also the directed the Philippine entry for Oscars, Ploning 2) It stars Ms. Angelica Panganiban, who I think is a great comedienne 3) Lastly, I want to win 10000 pesos plus negotiable pleasure with Ms.Angel.  It was like a week before screening that I saw it and my anticipation kept building and building overtime. I was about to watch it on it's screening day which November 7 but SM City Bacoor shared it's scheduled cinema for the movie with another movie. So Madaling Araw Mahabang Gabi was screened early in the afternoon with its last screening scheduled at 2:45, and I arrived an hour fucking late. I was really upset since I only went out just to see the movie. So come the next day, yesterday I planned to leave earlier to see the movie. I am an E-Plus card holder so I don't buy tickets anymore, plus I got myself a drink and a large tasteless "butter" popcorn for free, which was included in my starter kit. Anyway, I entered the cinema, lo and behold, it was a private screening just for me. Maybe it's one of my perks as an E-Plus card holder or the movie is not really a hit, but whatever it is, I kinda liked the idea of just me being the only person in the cinema. It made feel like Bills Gates or Warren Buffet or any of those old rich people. Imagine if I was that rich I'd buy a private screening just for me, or better yet I'll go the the movie set myself, or I'll get my own movie made. Oh the possibilities, uhh err.

The movie wasn't so bad, maybe I was just expecting too much since I waited for so long. I do, however commend them for an amazing visuals. Ms. Angelica Panganiban is really funny, I was laughing every time she's on the big screen and her drunk conyo is just too funny, it made me think that that is how she naturally speak, if so I'd love to be her friend. It makes me smile just remembering her movie scenes. But what I really loved the most was the MILF part played by Ms. Cherie Gil and the drummer played by Kian Cipriano. We all know Ms.Gil as a fierce kontrabida, making lives miserable since Sharon Cuneta. And there's Kian Cipriano, I am not  fan of him but I liked him in this movie. Their part, I think is the most 'lovest'. It was just too profound that it deserves it's own movie title. Honestly, I have a favorite quote that I got from Ms.Gil's line which I will share at the end of this post. If I am to sum the movie, I would say that is subtly profound. It may not have the cheesiest or the fiercest lines which is very prominent in the big screen today, but somehow the movie touched something in me. It made think of things I thought I've forgotten. It made me realize that, ultimately we are all looking for love. In this search we find unexpected friends, we discover things within ourselves which we never thought possible, we mingle with the wrong people in hopes that they may lead us to what we are looking for, we despise God, we do things we never thought we could, we do things we regret, and sometimes, we go through all levels of hell just to find out that we are looking for the wrong person, at the wrong place, at wrong time and for the wrong reason.

Madaling Araw, Mahabang Gabi may not satiate your taste buds if you're into generic and cliched movies. To me, this movie proves that there are more plots than mistresses, broken family and whose-son-daughter-am-I's, which we all love. That one need not to dwell into the complexities of the society which is already obvious. It may not do well in the box office, but I do hope that somehow, just like me, the movie will get you to think of thoughts you never knew you could.

                       I am not too old, you're just too young to outgrow a heartache.

That's about it guys, have a good one, Smile!

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