And That Is Why I Love Death, Death is Beautiful

Hey Guys! I was watching The Walking Dead awhile ago and damn it, the last episode made me cry.

If you are living under a rock ( which is absurdly impossible since you can access my blog, nevertheless I'll explain what it is ) The Walking Dead is an american graphic novel/comics which was turned into series just last year. It was a phenomenal hit, garnering high ratings for its last two seasons. Just this October, the third season of the series started running and is now on its fourth episode. I have been an avid fan since one of my friends recommended it to me. I was able to watch the complete 2 seasons and damn it, it was good.

The Walking Dead tackle the lives of unknown individuals, whose fate was intertwined by an apocalyptic zombie infestation. It follows the story of Rick Grimes a police officer and his wife and son Lory and Karl Grimes. Up until now, it was not clear as to how the plague spread but one thing they do know: bitten or not, once you die you become one of the walkers/zombies.

I don't why we human's are obsessed with zombie stuff. I mean we have seen countless zombie movies, some done good and some I don't want to describe. Then came The Walking Dead and the fascination continues. I don't know what it is I like about the series. I just know it's good.

I just deleted a whole paragraph describing the last episode then I realized,who cares? Haha. If you are into zombies or you have that outstanding hate for the human race and you enjoy seeing them die, then I could say that this series is for you. But I suggest you start with season to make it more exciting.

That's about it guys. Have a good night. Smile!

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