I Think I Might Be British In My Last Life

Hi Guys! How's your first day of December afternoon?

Before I start with this, I would like to let everyone know that I love my country. I know there are people who would probably accuse me of being unpatriotic and all that jazz, I couldn't care less. Anyway,I really can't explain why I'd love to be British that it leaves me thinking that maybe I was an English man in my past life. Maybe I was one of those Victorian Era gentleman who wears a coat and a weird mustache whilst studying to be a lawyer in Oxford, who is passionately in love with a Victorian woman and her jewels hidden underneath her corset. I might have taken it a little too far there (I am thinking in British accent, isn't that grand!). I hope the Prime Minister or even the Queen can read my blog and give me a special English citizenship. Bloody hell! I would probably die of excitement even before setting a foot in my beloved London. Anyway,  I made a list of the things I love or curious about that is British or English and here it is.....

Yes, I am 20 and I still love Mr.Bean. I mean who hates this man? If you didn't know Mr.Bean, played by Rowan Atkinson is British. This man, made three generations laugh without uttering a single distinguishable word other than "Teddy!" so why wouldn't I like him? I do think that I have bit of the humor bone in me and Mr.Bean is one those fictional people who brings out the best in me. Plus, my little brother looks like him in the most insane resemblance.  So yes, If I will have the chance to visit UK sometime in the future, I would love to me and greet Mr.Bean, preferably with Teddy, and Irma, and that Green car, add that three-wheeled Blue car.

If you didn't know, I am a fan of Amy Winehouse. Well, honestly, I was not, not until her death that I had the curiosity to sample her internationally acclaimed album that gave her 5 Grammy's plus a Guinness Book of World Record, Back To Black. After hearing the whole album, I was saddened what it was only then that I appreciated her. Looking back at her life, she was one talented, generous woman who got lost somewhere between fame and her personal life. She has this unique look, unique voice that would probably catch anyone's attention. It's not really surprising that she rose to fame with her uniqueness. Many of you will say that she's just trying too hard, that she's an embodiment of how fame destroys one person, that shes a bad person. I don't know her personally, but I would defend her among the likes of those who cannot see beneath her beehive hair and tattoos. She was talented and I know that it's too late to even catch a glimpse of Amy, I'd still want to visit her even if she's buried six feet under.

Haha, I am just as curious as everyone with this famous royal guards (there was even an episode of Mr.Bean where he made fun of the royal guard). Don't they really move? How do they pee? Not even normal muscle reflex like blinking? Who hires them? What person would want to stand up the whole day? I guess this type of job suites those who are too lazy to even move a muscle. It may seem too immature wanting to visit London for the royal guards, but hey! I' just one curious soul.

This Ginger god has stolen my heart since Lego House (no homo). Me and my friends were arguing whether Ed Sheeran was Rupert Grint since it was the latter who appeared on the former's music video. In the end we consulted the modern oracle, Google and found out that it's a completely different person. I never knew that that would lead me to praise him. He is Ed Sheeran, and his album '+' is one of my favourites, ever! Go to YouTube and type his name, and if you are not impress, commit suicide. He also wrote One Direction's "Little Things" that's why I instantly became fan of the song and not much of the singer. If I would go to London, I would definitely go to his concert, and who knows maybe ask for an autograph. He inspires me to sing and write songs, though I don't think I would even be as famous as him. Nevertheless, this Ginger god is one of the reasons why I think I was a British man in my past life.

This list would have included Adele and Coldplay as well as Sir Ian McKellen but that would only contribute to my already huge frustrations of going to London. Now some of you would quote Rizal, or even Bonifacio for me loving what other country has to offer. Screw you and your opinion, go call NASA if they have found your minute brain using the Hubble Telescope, I will go to London and you can't do anything about it. Hahaha

That's all folks! Have nice day, smile!

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