Divine Intervention Perhaps

I'm not the faithful kind. I believe in God, but I don't think my faith goes deeper than that. And there are moments in life where I can say, that there is a someone guiding me.

I had a moment last night. I just felt helpless, alone and pressured and I had no other option but to let it all out. I'm used to myself being all that, as I have always reiterated, I prolly have the most unstable emotions. Anyway, I was able to pull myself up. I told myself that the next day will a be a better day.

Next day (today) I went to my first class which is Religious Education. I forgot that it's Friday and we are supposed to recite the rosary today and I was asked to lead. While reciting, I felt calm, far from what I am last night. Right there and then, I knew that it's Mother Mary and her presence that was able to calm me. I smiled after the rosary. I know that the day would turn out to be fine.

After all my class, I went to a radio station and ask if they are accepting on-the-job trainee's since I still lack them. And if I want to join the graduation march, I have to have the OJT. I asked Mother Mary and God to guide. Even before going, I already asked God to help me with my endeavor. I don't really pray that much. I pray when I think this is way beyond what I can. I don't ask God for miracles or to grant me this and that. What I always pray for is guidance, wisdom and strength. Going back to the radio station, they do accept OJT's but I have to apply in Makati since their main office is located there. I said thank you and left. I decided to go a church and thank God and Mother Mary for a very blessed day, but the church is closed so I went home. Took a nap and went online to search for that radio station. And you know what? The radio station is owned by a religious group. I felt even more calm and at peace. I really am graduating, especially with all this divine intervention happening to me. Thank God and Mama Mary, it's Friday!

Have a good night folks, Smile!

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