Professionalism, Ethics, Common Sense, Patience and the Lack of it All

I was about to sleep when I saw a tweet containing a link of this video. Out of curiosity, I clicked and watched it. I thought it was just a normal angry teacher shouting and all. But this professor crossed the line and went beyond. I once saw my teacher throw a chair at my classmate, I was in elementary back then. I thought it was already violent and saw this. This is not mere violence. It is lack of professionalism, ethics, common sense and patience! All from someone who should be an embodiment of all! A college teacher for fucks sake! What made it all worse is that he did it not once, nor twice. This teacher should be stripped off his license and be shipped back to the island from whence he came. There's is no excuse for a behavior like this, much more done by a teacher. To you professor, you put Amalayer to shame. I sincerely hope you are proud of what you did. You made it in national news. Congratulations. And tell your tribemates I said hi! 


  1. kagaya nung kay Tulfo vs. Santiago, dulo na lang ang na-videohan. hindi ko alam ang buong story pero sa palagay ko, may kinagalit talaga yung teacher. oo, nandun na tayo na dapat hindi ganun ang inasal nya, pero baka naman kasi na-provoke lang yung teacher, kung mapapasin nyo, sa umpisa ng video, sinasagot-sagot na sya nung isa na hindi kita sa video.
    sa palagay ko lang, it was being unfair on the part of the teacher kung hindi natin alam ang buong pangyayari and yet, we are quick to judge him.

    1. Tulfo vs Santiago as well as Amalayer. I do agree na dapat malaman muna yung kwento, but whatever the reason is, what the teacher did was so uncalled for. Nakita naman sa video na paglabas pa lang niya hinampas na niya agad yung isang babae. And kung paano niya ambaan yung mga estudyante is very unprofessional. To think na he belongs to the academe. Siguro nga I was too quick to judge, and there's a deeper and sensible reason behind the teacher's outburst. But for now I will base my judgement with what I saw.