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If you know me personally, then you know that I am good at eating. I am also quite adventurous. And if you really know me, you know very well that I meant it to be suggestive. Innuendos aside, my weight will justify my love for eating. God knows how many times I've convinced myself to take it down a notch with so much conviction. But just like your unpopular presidential bet, I lost.

The sign is so me. So wow.

Last Wednesday, before watching a movie, I was able to try Chopstop. With a catchy name and extensive marketing campaign (on Facebook at least), I was more than ecstatic to finally try what this new place is about. And just like one of your senatorial bet, I was a bit disappointed. Find out why. 

The Place

I don't know if its a themed resto or what. The name somewhat implies a street sign, so does their logo. Their interior had me scratching my balls. I see street railing, in yellow and black. The chairs and tables are ordinary. The lights are usual. There are pipes aesthetically placed here and there and a traffic light by the counter. Just like the current senate, there nice things to look at individually. But put them all together and you'll have yourself a headache. For me at least.

That thing kardagors use, how is it relevant. Someone please make a thesis on that.
The 'Naughty and Nice' signs lead to nowhere. Just like your current relationship.

The Menu

Here's the fun part. I really commend them for thinking of fancy names for their menu. At least for the category. So there's Chops, Chomps. Chows, and Chugs. It made me remember my journalism class back in college where we tackled effective leads. Anyway, yes how they group their menu deserves a round of applause. The content however is a bit usual. I cant count how many food places I've been to that serves the same dish. I really cant count, like literally. I failed college math.

Yeah the photo is a bit skewed. Sue me for not using the rule of thirds. And for using skewed. 
The Food

I'm with my friends and I convinced (more like forced) them that we should order different things. One ordered Barbecue Chops, the other ordered Fish Chops. Me, I ordered Jack Daniels Chops. In no way I was expecting that the dish will be alcoholic. I was genuinely curious with how it will taste like. Not because I was looking for an excuse to get buzzed on a decent night. Honestly. The cashier explained that the alcohol evaporated already so it's no longer alcoholic. I felt my curiosity undergo the same process after she finished explaining. 

Jack Daniels Chops. Misleading because it was not chopped.
Barbecue Chops. See any difference? Neither do I.
Generous serving of fish fillet with tasteless breading. Yum.
Brownie Mug. Served in a paper cup. Misleading. Black Eyed Peas is mad. Where is the mug?


I am not impressed. For one, if your name is ChopStop and you serve the food unchopped then something is definitely wrong. Reading their menu got me exciting, it almost gave me a boner. But I was disappointed, first bite. I don't know. I was expecting more. It wasn't bad. The side dish was delicious. The meat was okay. It was a bit thin, small, and hard. No, its not an allusion. If you ask me, it was good for experiencing, but not enough that I will look forward to going back. I'd still choose our happy bee anytime, anywhere.

If you're interested, you can visit Chopstop if you can find  a branch near by. It's still worth a try. I mean, if you had the courage to get into a relationship with your ex, what's stopping you for trying Chopstop? Now is not the time to be picky!


This is a review. An opinion. This may or may not be true for all Chopstop branch.

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