Spread 2.0: A Food Carnival

It may have been because of my good looks, my superb writing, or they had no choice. Regardless, SM Seaside invited us group of bloggers to join Spread 2.0. One of the mall's series of events to celebrate their first anniversary. And though I can think of multiple innuendos even with the title alone, this is about the event. And I promise to write as clean as possible. Let's spread!

With some of Cebu's finest restaurant, Spread 2.0 did more than what was promised of filling our stomachs. Hosted by TV Host and restaurant owner Alexis Yap and beauty queen Maria Gigantes, the event is just some of SM Seaside's latest offerings in celebration of the success of their first year. 

Maria is so beautiful. Its like looking in the mirror. Alexis is funny and witty.
The highlight of the event was the cooking demo presented by 5 restaurants. As someone who is also fond of both eating and cooking, watching real life chefs work is more than enough to get my attention. And we get to taste them, I mean the dishes too. 

Cabalen shared their take on a Filipino classic, Kare-Kare, which happens to be one of my favourite too. Followed by Chef Abraham from Seaside Saloon and their Tuna Taco. Zawadi's Chef Bryan satisfied everyone's sweet tooth with Chocolate and Blueberry Gelato. My first lamb ever came next, courtesy of Chef Sandara from Lamujin. Closing the show was first Pad Thai too, from Thai-inspired restaurant Soy.

Pad Thai, Kare-Kare, and Fish Taco.
Aaand that is not even half of the food we tasted. While watching the amazing chefs, we were also given generous servings of samples from Pablito's, Snowvinz and Pink Heaven. If not for the little amount of decency I have left, I would have devoured all the samples and leave nothing for my fellow bloggers. 

Yep, they were all for free. 
It was my first blogging event, and I was left with nothing but a smile and a stomach full of food. Alexis and Maria were awesome hosts. They were both funny, witty, and interactive. And though the event started later than what was originally planned, I find it easy to dismiss by the fact that I get to eat for free. SM not only knows how to build enormous and beautiful malls, they sure know how to make an event and make it successful. To think that it was just their first year, I am starting to imagine the grandeur we can expect for more years to come. 

Before I end this, I want to thank the Cebu Blogging Community for the opportunity. I am really looking forward to doing more events with you. 

The Tita's of Cebu discussing.
The free tastes/samples were buffet-like generous
Entertainment courtesy of Sinulog Idol Champions

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