Hermit's Cove: Poem Worthy

Last year, I decided to have one of my favourite lines tattooed. There’s this one quote from the Lord of The Rings that struck me the most. It was taken from the "Riddle of The Strider", a poem written for Aragorn. It says "not all those who wander are lost". Even if I disregard my love for Middle Earth, this line will be just as potent. I had it tattooed below my nape in Elvish, written around a compass, because why not. This is not about my tattoo. This is about a beach I went to because I'm never lost, I just wander around. And my compass brought me to a place worthy of a poem.

Hermit's Cove is located in Aloguinsan, south of Cebu. Just a 2 to 3 hour bus ride away from the bustling city. If you've been having a very stressful week at the office. Or you want to have a romantic date with your current flame that will never last. Or you just want to have the perfect #wanderlust selfie you have been trying for a month. Hermit's Cove is the perfect place to do just that. 

Getting There

The good thing about living in Cebu is the accessibility of places such as Hermit's Cove. Just go to South Bus terminal, look for the bus en route to Aloguinsan, ask the driver to drop you off at Aloguinsan Public Market and ride a motorcycle to Hermit's Cove. Enjoy. Take a picture. Swim. Drink. Eat. Die. Easy peasy. 

Aside from the fact that it’s easy, it’s not expensive. Bus fare is just P80, P70 for the motorcycle ride and the P100 entrance fee already includes a cottage.

The Place

Immaculate. Peaceful. Serene.

Just a few of the many adjectives you can use to describe the place. Good job to the local government for making sure this beach stays as it is. Their efforts clearly paid off judging by how the place is as clean and peaceful as one would hope it would be.

You can't stay overnight. There are no rooms available. This might turn off a few visitors but it’s perfectly understandable. I would want to wake up and savour the moment in this beach, given the chance. But the reasons why policies were put in place make sense. Such beauty should be preserved, regardless of the lengths one should go. If the beach gets commercialized, its beauty will most likely fade overtime. Trust me, once you get there, you would thank the local government for being strict.

Cottages, tables and chairs are readily provided. Locals also offer fresh seafood ready to be grilled. A local sari-sari store is nearby. A local vendor also sells fresh coconut juice. No corkage fee needed for bringing in food. In short, you are well taken care of. All for the price of P100. 

You might find the beach too "pebbly". It might hurt a bit getting into the blue waters. But if you were brave and strong enough to commit to a rocky relationship, what's stopping you from getting into a rocky beach? During our visit, the waves were overwhelming but it was fun nevertheless. 


If you are planning to have an overnight stay in Aloguinsan, for reasons I don't really care about, you can try and visit Hidden Beach. Their accommodations are cheap but cozy. Their beach is not bad either. Also, Aloguinsan is a town far from the city so do not expect fast food chains, convenience stores, or restaurants to be present. You can dine in the market's karenderias, or bring your own food. But they have ATMs at the city hall for those who would like to pretend they still have money left to spend.

You might encounter some motorcycle drivers asking for more than what I mentioned. Take it from me, as we paid twice of what was necessary. The fee is standard across the board. They even have a tarpaulin enumerating how much the fare should be. If you encounter such, make sure to report it to the Hermit's Cove reception. 

Lastly, please be respectful of the place. Before you get to enjoy the beach, the local authorities will give you a quick briefing, which is unique, compared to other public beaches. Throw your trash properly. Respect the people running the place. Respect other visitors. And most of all, respect nature.

So, if you ever feel like breaking down, if you ever feel out of place, if you ever feel like the last two statements are familiar, you're right. Seriously though, if you feel like adulting is just too much to bear, try Bear Brand. No, I am really serious this time. If you have been stressing about work, your family, friends, non-existent lovelife, or your meagre salary, de-stress at Hermit's Cove. I dare you not to go back. We did, like the next day. 


  1. Hahahah! I love the humor in this post. Never been to Hermit's Cove tho I've always heard great things about the place. And I'm really planning to go there one day (before any dakong tae exploits the place).

    Since you've mentioned "pebbly", I am even more convinced cause I always prefer pebbly beach than the sandy ones cause the former don't make lubog.

    1. Thanks! Im glad you liked my humor. I am alwaya worried that people will not get my humor haha.

      You should really visit. The pebbly beach is just one of things you will love about the place :)