Troye Made Me Write, Again

Its almost as if I forgot how to write. I've been trying, believe me. For example: I will have this random idea that I know I can turn into an interesting blog post. And because I finally realised that I am not as good of a writer as I thought I am, I have to condition myself until I am in a writing mood. Conditioning, meaning alcohol. So, a few glasses of wine will be consumed. I will research a bit. Find photos for my would-be amazing blog post. And before I know it, I am crying at X-Factor auditions at 1 AM. What's even more depressing is that I have more drafts than potential love partners. Fun!

Then Troye Sivan released the music video for his song, Heaven. And that is exactly where the video took me. 

After hearing the song for the first time, I have imagined how the video would look like: an intimate scene where Troye came out during a happy gathering at the dinner table. Then comes the drama; tears, shoutings, fightings, and all that jazz. The video will end with the family finally accepting the fact. Believe or not, I also imagined how I would cry watching the video. I am that fun. Though what I imagined was too formulae, I thought that it was enough to give the song justice. Turns out I am not meant to be a scriptwriter or a director, and I have poor imagination. What they did for the video was far more powerful.

He can see through your pink glittery soul.
Just like what my title card says, the video is heartfelt, timely and relevant. The song on its own is enough to deliver a powerful message. It's a coming out story told in the most lyrical way possible. That, plus a montage of various LGBTQ movements from the past. Add a dash of Harvey Milk and you have the perfect recipe to make your inner kween cry. 

Aside from the powerful and relevant message of the music video, of course you cant help but admire Troye's entirety. From chill-inducing glares that can see through your soul. To that signature dance move I will show later. You can help but fall in love with this elf from down under. I reckon that I should control my drinking now and make my kidneys healthy again. I might need either the left or right once Troye decided to visit the Philippines.

Trivia: Troye's music video partner was his real life partner, model Jacob Bixenman.
How lucky these young kweens are to have something like Troye's music to help them go through such an arduous phase. Heaven is such a good song and the video gave it more justice than the Department of Justice could ever do  (I just had to). 

"without losing a piece of me, how to I get to heaven?"
I can ran out of words and still fail to articulate how this song, and its music video is  such a gem. I am actually running out of words, but I can't still justify how am in love with this piece of art. For people who are still struggling, please know that what you are going through is just a phase. It is not, never will be, and shouldn't be the entirety of your life. You can always talk to me. The support for people like us is stronger than ever. Do not be afraid.

Lastly, I am glad to be back to writing. I was just dealing with things far too difficult to even write about. I hope that I can continue this. For those people who were waiting for an update on this blog (if there is any), please be patient. I cannot promise that contents will be a many as before. Just know that I am trying. Good night.

To end this, here is Troye's signature dance move:

And my favourite shot:

Ginalingan ni bes.


  1. Glad you're back to writing! I think it's one of the best outlets to express our thoughts and be at peace with ourselves. I haven't really listened to any of Troye's songs. Or I might have been but wasn't aware it's him. I must be living under a rock, haha!

    1. Me too! I hope I can continue this for the rest of the year. He's getting decent radio plays and all so there's a good chance that you have heard of him somewhere.