Tablea: Curiosity Killed the Cat

I have a confession to make: I'm hearing voices in my head. They keep telling me awful things. Sometimes they have this weird Russian accent. Sometimes they speak in a language I have no idea of. Most of the time, I don't listen to them. I have watched too many psychological thrillers to even pay attention to them, or even give them a hint of trust. Sometimes, they get too much to bear that I have no choice but to follow. Like when they told me to try Tablea.

Table is one of the more prominent dessert places in Sugbu. They are known for their Champorado , and one of Cebu's traditional dessert combo, Puto Sikwate. We have a branch below our office building which I always tried ignoring. But curiosity (and the voices in my head) got the best of me, so I tried it. And I am still deciding whether I make good decisions. 

The place is cozy. I love the brown, earth-toned interior and its accompanying incandescent lights. There's a variety of chairs to sit: they have wooden tables and chairs, soft couches with pillows, a combination of the two, and some comfy ottoman-esque (I don't know how they call it) ones. While the place certainly  spells coffee and dessert, I don't like how people outside can clearly see you. I would have wished for certains decals or something on the wall to somehow limit the view from outside. I wouldn't want people to see my entire mouth cavity while I devour whatever I am eating. Aside from that, I am in love with how the place is styled.

I feel like I am not in the position to comment on the food because I only ordered their Puto Maya combo. But my sense of entitlement is much stronger, so I will do it anyway.

Its okay. There is nothing spectacular with what I ate. There is no explosion of flavours in my mouth (probably because I only ordered one dish). I couldn't even remember how it tasted like. I remember looking at my friend with an expression of 'that's it?'. I think the anticipation of finally trying their famous dessert is to be blamed for my near disappointment. 

Sweet tooth threesome.  
Or it could be because I paid so much that I am expecting so much as well (so much begets so much). You can get Puto Maya and Sikawati for at least P5 each in Carbon Market. I know Mangoes are expensive per kilo, but they only served 1/3 of it. My friend is also complaining why their Hot Chocolate is expensive ( P95 if I remember correctly). I would have given it a pass if, say I paid not more P60 for it. But for P125, I will be very, very critical.

All in all, its okay for a taste, but not so much that I intend to go back. Maybe, i'll give other desserts a chance, but that would take a lot of convincing to do. At least, I get to try it. Now the voices in my head can shut the hell up. Now I don't have to wonder how it taste like whenever I pass by Tablea for my cigarette break.

So if you have P125 to spare, then satisfy your Puto Maya Sikwate cravings at Tablea. Or you can go to Carbon Market and spend half as much and be twice as full. Your choice. 


  1. Kung mahal ang food, (like it's more expensive than it normally is), of course you would really expect something different. Something that you could say "Oh, only Tablea offers this kind of taste". Basta something out of the ordinary.

    But if it's just the same taste with the puto that you could buy from the market and the sikwati you make at home, then ngeek. Haha.
    I'll just think of it as "paying for the venue", instead. XD

    PS: Never been to Tablea. Hihi.


    1. My point exactly. Paying for the venue HAHA and paying for the same sad haha.