About the Writer

Hi, my name is Eugene, and welcome to Eugenism.s!

This little waste of cyberspace is where I dump all thoughts, rants, feelings, frustrations, and interests. It all started way back 2012 when I used to think that I am interesting. I am one of those people who is dying to be heard. I used to think that my opinions matter. I used to think that my philosophies are unique and inspiring. Though I still think that way, I keep it at a minimum.

Some random facts:

  • Taurus
  • Water Monkey
  • I don't believe in Astrology

My blog is about all the things I can put my hand and mind into. Don't worry, I just write about all the wholesome topics I put and hand and mind into, so no politics. I have mastered all forms of speech, especially sarcasm, profanity, allusion, pop culture referencing, puns, and innuendos. I may be grammatically incorrect sometimes, or my punctuation needs improvement, but I mask it all with my digital charm. My writing style might not suite your palate; I don't care. Actually, I do. I need the traffic. So just let me know if ever I offend you, bore you, or hurt you. I have a closet (where I used to hide) full of fucks to give.

My blog is open for donation, sponsorship, product reviews, collaborations, events, and any other form of money making.

I guess that's it. If you need more information about my decent and kinky services, you can always email me at gene(dot)villones(at)gmail(dot)com.

1 comment:

  1. Hello!

    I was glad to came up to your blog. It was neat and really nice. I like the way you write, you are good and somehow I see myself on your posts as the writer. Sorry about that. Nice blog! Please do see my blog - and feel to say if we do write the same. Haha! You are better :)

    - Zephyr