When Life Gives You Lemon, Ask For an Orange Instead

Time goes by so fast, suddenly its October!
I remember this time last year, I was cramming and trying to finish my requirements. I miss being a student! 

Anyway, how are you doing folks? I guess this blog has been neglected. Truth of the matter is I am not really doing anything important. I have no job to go to and not much social life to be busy with. It's just that I don't know if my thoughts are still worth blogging. I dont know if people will care. Nevertheless, I'm still trying to muster enough sense to come up with a blog post every now and then, I guess this is one of them.

Starting anew 

I am planning to go and stay in Cebu for good. I will try my luck there and see if life will be a bit better. Truth be told, nothing bad has been happening lately, nothing good as well, so its a bit boring. Sure I go out sometime with friends and all, but once I get home I am back to my usual sulking self. I am not the type to ask someone to go out no matter how close we are. I just dont expect them to give me part of their time. I dont know if I'm being uber dramatic or what, but I always expect people to put me last. So as much as I want to go out and have a cup of coffee with a friend, I dare not ask. So maybe things will change in Cebu. 

Part of me is hoping that love will finally knock on my door once I'm in the Queen City of the South. No matter how I deny it, and no matter how much I say that I love being single, there are times that I long for someone. Someone who would be willing to talk to me about senseless randomness. Have a coffee on a Sunday morning. Watch the sunset together while walking on the beach. Just the simple joy of having a companion.

Lastly, maybe my career will be better once I'm there. I dont know why I thought of that.

On careers

I am jobless at the moment. I quit my first job ever as a call center agent. I dont know why, I actually regret it. Anyway, its too late to go back now. 

I am trying to apply to other companies and other fields as I dont want to go back to BPO but damn! Its freaking hard! As of now, nobody has ever called me nor emailed me. Am I that incompetent? Sometimes I think that maybe I am. I should just start farming, maybe its what I was destined to do.

Before graduating, I always shrug off news about how hard it is to get a job. But now I feel the hardship, plus the pressure of being unemployed. Not to mention that financial dependence I so want to get out of.

Anyways,  I think that would be it for now. Have good night folks! 


  1. You are so honest in this post. You're still young and may be going to Cebu is a good idea. Fresh start. May be you can be friendlier and more adventurous. I am quite sure good things are happening soon. Cheer up!