21 and Finally Employed

Hi guys! Guess what? I am unemployed no more! A round of applause please.. thank you!

I haven't been able to post this week because I was busy polishing my resume, online application and walk in application. It was last Thursday that I decided to leave the house and apply personally. I really intended to apply at Teleperformance, but a close friend of mine called me and told to apply at Stream instead. I obliged though half hearted I am. During the application process, I was beyond nervous, I was sweating and shaking. I couldn't speak well, I stutter and all. Maybe from excitement or sheer terror, whatever it is, the bottomline is I failed. I wasn't hired at Stream.

But I told myself I wouldn't go home without a frigging job. So I hurriedly went to Teleperformance although it was already 4 in the afternoon. Good thing they still accept walk in applicants so I entered and go on with the usual process. I was more relaxed then, I did answer the questions well, way better than I did at Stream. After my final interview, I was asked to go back on Friday for my Versant and to continue my application. Come Friday, I did my Versant, an online exam and one final interview. I was there at 12 noon, and by 6:30, I was hired.

From 12 noon til I got hired, I didn't eat anything nor drink anything. I told myself that eating would be more delicious after I get hired, and I did. I am beyond happy. Though I have told myself that I shouldn't prioritize call center jobs, but its one of the few jobs that doesn't require a y experiences as long as you meet their qualifications. It's a start nevertheless, we all should start somewhere. I am just happy that I would be finally working.

I guess, that would also mean less blog updates. Forgive me I wouldn't post as much as I did before. I would still try to blog I promise. For now, be happy for me guys and pray for my success hehe. Have a good day folks! Smile!


  1. Congrats to you! Hope you'll enjoy your new job..

  2. Welcome sa mundomng call center!!!!!! Galingan mo go gomgo go!

  3. good job euge~ sayang nsa stream p nman ako. :P

  4. Congrats on your new job! Galingan mo.

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