What Happens When You Cross Seas

About three weeks ago, I decided to go back to Bantayan. I was feeling adventurous and I had always wanted to do something impulsive and somewhat stupid, so with barely enough money, I took the tiresome journey.

The weather however was against me, as I became stranded in the port of Hagnaya for 16 hours. My money was just enough to get me to my destination and my phone’s battery, my only source of enjoyment at that time was barely enough. When the coastguard finally allowed sea travel, I was more than happy. But lo and behold, the waves I have once feared greeted me good morning as it lulls the ferry into chaos. I prayed hard, asked for forgiveness and transferred seat, the one closest to the window and life jacket just in case. After more than an hour, I wasn’t able to count really as I was so focused in praying and finding 100 ways of escaping in case something happened, I was able to reach the island’s port safely and oh! I have never been happier stepping on solid ground. Seeing the faces of those who welcomed me took all the hardships away.

Adventure I want, adventure I had found.

After more or less three months of living in Cebu City, my home’s lush greens  and fresh air was a welcomed change. Once again I felt home. My relatives were more than happy to see me, and I am too, happy to see them.

I don’t think I should put in detail about my stay there as that that would require me to write a book. Suffice to say, I enjoyed. But more than the enjoyment, it’s the epiphany that struck me the most.

As I am typing this blog, I am back in the city, alone in my room with a cup of coffee and a pack of cigarettes. As I look back in the three week vacation I realized that more than the superficial things, what I desire the most now is family and being around people who loves me.

During my teenage years, I would always envision myself travelling and experiencing all the good things life can offer. I had been a billionaire many times, owned houses and properties across Europe. I have swam the seas of Bahamas and played with the waves of Hawaii. I have dined in the most expensive French restaurant, drove over expensive cars around Dubai and drank coffee in New York. I had been many things in my mind and it made me want to leave more than ever.

But now, I am different.

I’m fine if I don’t get to eat more than three times a day. I was fine with 3-in-1 coffee and tasteless bread. I don’t mind if the menu is eat it or starve. I don’t mind not having money in my pocket. I don’t mind poverty as long as I am with family. I have never wanted to stay before, but now, I don’t want to leave. In fact, I am trying hard not to pack my bags again, and trying my hardest to no to remember the family I have there or I will cry my heart out. 



A woman. A friend. A mother (Staccato para matuwa ka!)

These are just three of the many words and adjectives that best describe you, if it isn’t your birthday, I would have included LOUD as it captures your inner truest essence. Kidding aside though, in all honestly and seriousness, which you know I don’t have much of the latter; you are one of the most amazing woman I have ever met. *insert True Colors here*

Life would have broken you down, torn you in to pieces. Life would have triumphed over you my dear friend, but no. You fought, you fought so fucking hard. You used whatever you have been through to your advantage and you succeeded. I know I was always the leader, and I always claimed to be the smart one, but deep in my heart I know that I really am that you have more capacity to be the leader and you don’t have to claim it because you already are the smart one.  I have always looked up to you, I would always ask myself: How does she do it? Because with everything that’s going around you, you can still do things and finish them with flying colors, with rainbows and shit. You know what, out of all my friends who graduated, I was most proud of you. You are a living testament that life only defeats you when you let it. I was proud because you proved them all wrong, something I have yet to achieve.

I am thankful that I met you. I thank God that you chose us to be your classmates. I thank you for letting me be your friend no matter how eff up I am.

I wish you all the best things in life Nin, you deserve it. Keep doing what you do because you are so good at it: being a friend, a partner and a mother. You are very talented friend, except dancing, just don’t… stahp.

Happy Birthday Nin! I love you and I miss you two! Pa-canton ka naman!


Step Up All In: It's All About Dancing

For starters this movie is about dancing, nothing more. These are but a few movie exceptions where I ignore the fact that there is no solid plot and lame acting. Instead of criticizing the movie for what its not, I just let myself sit and enjoy the movie for what its for.

Step Up All In features and all star cast from all the previous installments, headed by Ryan Guzman (Step Up Miami Heat), Briana Evigan (Step Up 2) and Adam Sevani (Step Up 2). Together, the trio creates a new crew to join popstar Alexxa Vega's (a character who never failed to annoy me) The Vortex, which is a Las Vegas based dance reality competition, which turned out to be a scripted killer TV show (sorry for the spoiler, but come on..). As always, problems started to come out here and there until it all boils down to a breath taking finale dance. Classic.

It all fairness the dancing part has really stepped up and I commend the movie for its outstanding productions that I wish they would just dance the whole movie through. I also appreciate the fact that the writers made some sense and included relevant topics such as a dancers life is not always good. I also appreciate it that the actors try so hard to convey their characters emotion although mostly, they fall short.

To sum it all, if you want to see amazing dance moves and amazing dance productions, not to mention cameltoes, abs, butts, boobs and bulges, well its a movie made for you. Forget about interesting plot, amazing lines or acting for it is not clearly the main point of the franchise. Let us all appreciate what the movie is all about: Dancing. 


6 Reasons Why Lea Salonga is a Badass!

If there is one thing the Philippines show business has done right, that would be the existence of Lea Salonga.

The Philippines Broadway Diva is known world wide for her outstanding achievements in theater, her pitch perfect singing, her beauty and her awesome wit. She is one of the most respected and admired personality in the Philippine show business and it's not really hard to understand why. 

And because I'm a fan, and I am planning to join the Voice and I want her to be my coach (as if that is something achievable), I made a list of  why Ms. Lea is such a badass.

When Lea met Tony
Tony Awards is like Oscars to movies, Grammys to music and Emmys to television. Base from that analogy, you could imagine the magnitude of Ms. Lea Salonga's triumph. Before winning the most coveted theater award, Ms. Lea subsequently won the Lawrence Olivier Award for Best Performance by an Actress for her role as Kim in Miss Saigon, soon after the production moved from London to Broadway, and that is when Lea met Tony. 

Two Voice, One Girl

I know it's kinda like a well known fact that Ms. Lea was the singing voice of Disney princesses Mulan and Jasmine, but I just have to have it on the list. A lot of girls dream to be a princess, she did it, not once but twice. A Whole New World also won the Oscars Best Song in 1993. For her contributions, she was awarded a Disney Legend. Princess na, Legend pa!

Two Roles, One Girl

Just in case you have been living under a rock, Les Miserables is a novel written by Victor Hugo which was later adapted to a musical. If you haven't read it yet, Eponine and Fantine are two important characters in the novel, so you could just imagine, again, the magnitude of playing both roles. She first played Eponine for the 10th Anniversary concert in 1995, and Fantine, not the shampoo (I just have to have that joke) in 2007 for the 25th. 

The Coach

It was a huge buzz back then when ABSCBN bought the rights for The Voice, a very popular, yet again singing competition. Partly because its very popular, duh! Partly because of the Coaches. People were clamoring and guessing who would be the four coaches of the said competition since every singer in the country had been, one way or another, involved in a singing competition. Everyone rejoiced when Ms. Lea's name came up. It was a good and bad thing for me, because I don't think I could open my mouth, let alone carry a tune, if I knew that Lea Salonga is listening, I mean hell fucking o? Its frigging Lea Salonga!

Fast forward, the show was a success, and it was no surprise that Coach Lea's team won the first season. 

She's a Gamer
Now there's a shocker! Who would have thought that this woman would ever hold a gaming console? Let alone play Bioshock over night? Or God of War? Or Final fuckcing Fantasy? I bet you didn't but apparently, she does! I thought then that this woman spend her entire day honing her skills and all, but I was damn wrong. Just read this article she wrote. My respect and love for her was certainly doubled. What a woman!

She doesn't care

She swears, she says what she wants and she will definitely tell you to fuck off. If you follow her on Twitter and you go back to her timeline, you would love her even more. I love it when people swear, even more someone as well known as her. She doesn't care and I love it! Sometimes, people need to be told off every once in a while, especially bashers (not that I have one) and oh boy! Ms. Lea is certainly not someone to mess with, unless you want the F-bomb.

* I dont own any of the pictures above, if it's yours and you wanted it removed just email me. Thanks!


Top 7 Movies You Should Definitely Watch

One of my greatest joys and comforts in life is watching movies. Nothing beats a good movie, and a cup of coffee. Ever since I realized how madly in love I am with the silver screen features, it has been my pursuit then on to be able to see the best movies the world has to offer. I guess you could me call me a cinephile. 

And because I am handsome and kind, and apparently, I am trying to run a near-to-its-extinction blog. In hopes of trying to keep you guys coming, here are my list of the best movies I have seen so far. I tell you, this is not an easy thing to do since I have to limit my list to just 7 movies, to think that I have probably seen more movies than I dare count. 

There were no criteria set as I based my choices solely on personal opinion. If you are a die hard 'Proud Pinoy' you might get disappointed because no local films are present in the list. You are free to judge me, but you can always go back in time and read my blog to see how much I love the Philippine cinema. To make it easier I linked the titles to IMDB so that I could save time describing it. Without further non sense, here are my Top 7:

I swear, this movie made me not want to try drugs. It should be incorporated high school curriculum in my opinion because I don't think the words "Don't Do Drugs" will be enough to convince the youth of today, let them see how gruesome and ugly it is to be addicted to different kinds of drugs. The movie was honest and straightforward to the point that it scared the hell out of me. Just see Jared Leto's arm, and what happened with Jennifer Connelly and tell me that's not scary. 

The actors did a very good job err, acting. But all the glory and praises goes to Ellen Burstyn and her portrayal of Sara Goldfarb: a woman who was so obsessed to be on TV. Another helpful lesson we could teach our children: Television is not the answer, so are drugs. 

Just like Homeland, this movie left in perpetual state of "Ahh" and "Ohh". Directed by one of the favorites Christopher Nolan, it talks about a guy with a short term memory loss. Sorry I forgot his name, but he was played by Guy Pierce. It might be quite confusing to watch but it was all worth it. Wait, was it? 

In my pursuit of finding and watching the best movies, I stumble upon IMDB Top 250, and this movie was on top of it all so I got curious. At first I was like "Okay he went to prison for a crime he didn't commit, what is so special about it?" And I tell you, it wasn't Morgan Freeman, its not always about him.

The Breakfast Club
Okay I got curious because it was feature in Easy A and Pitch Perfect, there I said it. At first I thought it was a real club, then I asked myself "If this is about high school students who meet every breakfast, who would  want join this stupid club?" So I watched it, and oh boy! It wasn't about breakfast!

I have two words: Good Acting. In all fairness it was a good movie, but I I think the performances of all it's female characters is the central charm of this movie. Viola Davis and her Aibileen, Octavia Spencer and her Minny, Bryce Dallas Howard and her Hilly and of course, Jessica Chastain and her Celia. These women along with the others, made me cry and laugh like crazy. This movie is perfectly paired with a freshly baked Chocolate Pie.

3 Idiots
Wit. That is why I love this movie. It's witty, its fucking smart, it makes sense, three words that you can rarely use to describe today's movies. It made me cry more than Maalala Mo Kaya, it made me laugh more than watching viral funny videos. No, my opinion is not affected by the fact that my stepfather is Indian, and no, I wasn't bribed.

The Lord of the Rings
Should I explain this? Must I explain this? BEST MOVIE EVER! and I know that it's a trilogy but who cares? I love all three of them that it was hard for me to choose just one. And if I did list them separately, they would occupy the best 3 so why bother? Should I really explain why I love this?

Aand that concludes my list. It was nerve-racking really. I felt like crying because there are so many good movies that I love that I can't put here. Anyway, if you are looking for a movie to watch this coming weekend or if your are jobless like me and you have all the time, then by all means enjoy these movies.

Til next time folks, Smile!

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