Just A Quick Post

Cooper: You're a scientist, Brand.
Brand: So listen to me when I say love isn't something that we invented. It's observable. Powerful. It has to mean something.
Cooper: Love has meaning, yes. Social utility, social bonding, child rearing...
Brand: We love people who have died. Where's the social utility in that?
Cooper: None.
Brand: Maybe it means something more - something we can't yet understand. Maybe it's some evidence, some artifact of a higher dimension that we can't consciously perceive. I'm drawn across the universe to someone I haven't seen in a decade who I know is probably dead. Love is the one thing that we're capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space. Maybe we should trust that, even if we can't understand it. All right Cooper. Yes, the tiniest possibility of seeing Wolf again excites me. That doesn't mean I'm wrong.
Cooper: Honestly, Amelia, it might.

One of the best lines ever in a movie, in my opinion. This is from Interstellar. Probably one of 2014's best movie. It's a Nolan film so I dont think we need to argue.


Locker 248

How I wish I'd known about you sooner. How I wish I found out earlier that someone like you exists. How I wish this is perfect world so may then, by whatever chance, we can be together.

I spent an entire two months looking for you. And I have learned to love the person I created in lieu of you. But now, now that I finally had a glimpse of what you really are, I have fallen even deeper.

My heart skipped a beat, or two, I wasn't able to count cause I was so surprised of seeing your profile. If you must know, yes, I've been looking for you in Facebook (thank God for Mark Zuckersomething). I screamed like 7 year old boy when I saw your picture smiling, I swear I would have kissed you through my laptop if it wasn't for the the little manners left in me. It took me some time to finally click on your name and see...that you are in very happy relationship. 

And just like those cliched romantic movies I hate, a music came in from somewhere, and I feel tears streaming down my face. Yes, I am crying over a crush. Sue me. 

I cried for like ten minutes or so.

Since seeing you smile, I have prayed hard to all the gods I know from different religions to raise their hands and create a miracle that you and I will be together, forever. No return, no exchange. But oh! the universe is always so playful. 

I am hurt. I want you to be happy, believe me. But somehow I also want you to be with me. It's far fetched, but so was the moon landing and they did it so maybe it will happen. Anyway, I've followed you in three social networking site so I think that is enough. I will start the moving on process just like the others that came before you. Why am I always like this.

Anyway, I just felt like writing it all out. I can't afford a bottle of vodka now because I'm so poor. If you are reading this, which is very impossible but either way, I just want you to know that I think you're perfect. Your smile, your grammar, your wit, the way you love books and coffee, I love them all. I know youre happy. And I wish you nothing but happiness. Maybe someday we'll meet, maybe not. But...


Because Of Reasons

Pont De Arts, a bridge in France famous for the "Love Locks" has been taken down. Some parts of the bridge collapsed due to the amount of love locks, enter Jovit Baldivino with 'Too Much Love Will Kill You'. So its official, walang forever

If there's one thing I want to spend forever with, its food. Food will always be there for you, food will never leave you. Food is love. 

I'm getting fat. I've been eating like a hungry caveman these past few days. Me and a friend had been going around town visiting eat-all-you-can restaurants. I really want to take pictures of the food we ate but my phones camera is not working. But so far, the places we've been to are good. Worth the money that was never mine to begin with. 

As of the moment I am fighting the urge to go out and go to the nearest McDonalds have have myself a big fucking burger and chicken nuggets. Ugh. As I get fat, my pocket gets thin, another reason why I should just stay in my room and act depressed. 

Anyway, I am writing randomly because I want to get back into writing and I heard, or read, or thought that writing a little, no matter how senseless and random it is, helps. Anyway, I will leave you guys with the cutest, most adoring GIF I've seen in the net. I am in love with this. I still love food, but ugh.


I Can Be Very Mouthy

You annoy me. You annoy the hell out of me. You annoy the hell out of my every atom. Your mere presence is enough to make my blood boil like a deep fryer. You make me want to be Mt. Vesuvius and pour hot lava on your big airy head! I want to write tons of offensive things about you right now but I'm afraid I will run out of offensive adjectives. 

Let me post a philosophical question: If you didn't exist, will you still be annoying? I know my question has no point, but so is your existence! So I'm gonna call it quits. I'm running out of things to say because I'm enveloped in so much hatred my vocabulary is not functioning well. I blame you, your immature views and your selfish philosophies.

You always have an excuse. You always have an excuse for all your short comings. Its not the weather you fucker, its you! You have a problem with responsibility and it's a big one! Can you please, for just one effin time, own up your mistakes and stop blaming the world. You always have a reason for all your mistakes that you forget the effin fact fact that it was you who made them out of the choices life laid for you, so if there is someone to blame it's not the Cthulhu but you!

I hate it when you try to be smart and philosophical and all. "I really don't care about having absences, as long as I live the life I want",  I don't care about failing, I'm just here because I have nothing else to do" Bull-fucking-shit! If that's the case then quit already, right? If you really don't care about anything, just make sure you don't bring everyone else down with your short comings, but as of late, you are so the warning is a little too late.

Okay now I'm fine. I just need to let some steam off guys. It's been a rough week because of a certain someone at work, well there are lots of 'em but this particular one is getting on my nerves. Sometimes I wish I am as blunt personally as I am in print, but I just can't. He should be thankful that I am not because I don't know that might happen if the inner war freak in me came out. Other than that, I have nothing else to say. 

If you wanna ask, which I know you wouldn't since there's just like three people visiting my blog and less than half of them is reading it, I used screenshots from some of my favorite movies which are: The Breakfast Club, V for Vendetta, Pulp Fiction (not really a favorite) and Coffee and Cigarettes. It's irrelevant I know but you should watch it because I said so. And it's probably good. Or not. Whatever.


Current Status

I don't know whats been happening lately, it's been a roller coaster. I would like to believe that I am doing awesome in terms of career, my social life is doing okay and life at home is a nightmare. My love life is as stagnant as ever. I have few new crushes, which by definition are the people I can never be with. They don't even know I exist. But I never learn, do I? 

It's been bothering me though. Like I would have this crush but I know I could never be with them, but I would imagine my life with them either way and within two hours we would be married and after a day we are walking along the white sands of a beach somewhere romantic. And by the time I need to sleep I would be totally depressed that I can't sleep. The next day I will regret everything, but I will see my crush again, and I would go back to daydreaming but with a different plot with a different setting, and by the time the moon smiles at me, I would be more depressed that I was that I would curse at the moon and would try my best to punch it. 

The next day, I would be totally aloof and anti-social. I will hate everything and everyone the moment I step out of my room. I will hate the water for being too cold. I will hate my pants for reminding me that I am gaining weight. I will hate the jeepney driver for driving the way he is supposed to. I will hate the commuters for acting the way commuters act. I will hate my colleagues for asking too many questions like we are in a quiz bee. I will hate my crush for existing. I will hate myself for hating everyone. Then after my first cup of brewed and bitter coffee from McDo I am back to my usual funny self. I will be brutally sarcastic but funny. I will give that menacing look that means I am thinking of few hundred ways to kill you while smiling. I will blurt out puns which a quarter of the population would not understand. I will eat like a dinosaur and probably eat more that the dinosaur would fail in comparison. But before the day ends, I will sulk again that my face looks like I just lost a billion dollars in a non-existing bet. And by the time I hit the bed, I am thinking of killing myself. Ain't that grand!

But then I will think of my Mom, all the food that I still need to try, all the places I need to visit, all the people I need to kill and all my crushes that I need to be in bed with and Voila! I am fine. The effin cycle is so tiring, fun, but tiring. As of the moment I am ignoring crush but damn! It's fucking hard. Instead, I am devouring all the good brownies in my job's pantry. Hence my clothes are close to not fitting me anymore. I know I am rambling but ask me first if I care about your feelings. I am using pictures from The Fault in Our Stars, which probably means that I am in my worst state. Or I am over acting. 

Anyway, thank you for painfully reading. I know by now you might be a little elusive and will try to run and hide when I am within 100 meters of your personal space, but please ask me first if you're existence is essential to my happiness. I think I will be like this until....

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