Vikings: Food Coma

Someone once said that the way to a man's heart, is through his stomach. While a good quote, its biologically inaccurate. But if you know me personally, that applies to my whole being. The way to my heart, brain, medulla oblongata, and other parts of the body I have no knowledge of, is food. So  I guess, it's no surprise that today, I am blogging about food. 

Best in Title Card. SMH.

Yesterday, we had our team lunch at Vikings Luxury Buffet at SM City Cebu. It's my supervisor's way of destressing and catching up with the team. He didn't pay for our lunch though, which would have been the ultimate stress reliever (he he he). Nevertheless, it was one hell of a lunch. It was my first time in Vikings. I have been to one two some buffet places here in Cebu, and by far, Vikings is the best. 

Roast effin beef. And Turkey. 
You know that feeling when you can't decide between two suitors? I don't. I've never reached such preposterous number of wooers. But you get what I mean. You will be confused with which food to get first. If you're a non-systematic, order-deprived person like, having lunch at Vikings will be a total chaos. Don't get me wrong, the food are properly organised. Its just that I can't contain my hunger that I salivate at the sight of the nearest whatever.

Salad Bar. For people whose been on diet for two days. 
The food is exquisite, delicious, and plenty. You can even ask them to prepare pasta dishes, served hot. Everything is also organised so well that I want their manager to organise my life. The place is spacious. The chairs and tables are comfortable. Not that I tried sitting on the table, but yeah. The comfort room is nice. The staff is great. I honestly can't find something to criticise other than the fact that they don't have a smoking area. One would have to go out of the mall itself to light a stick. But since the government is planning to ban public smoking, I doubt that it'll ever happen. Nonetheless, the place is spotless to a tee.

Pizza. Should I say more.
I would like to give emphasis on how their staff is accommodating, pleasant, and apparently, good dancers. During the Happy Birthday portion ( I don't know how it's called), everyone went around greeting the celebrants. The portion ended with an amazing dance number, and all celebrants were given personalised birthday cakes. Now that is excellent customer service. Also a shoutout to the donut wall. Who does a donut wall? Oh! and the cheese filled pot! They have an entire pot just for cheese. You can literally bathe in cheese. Just expect to be escorted outside of the premises after. But its worth it right?

It was then the perfect lunch to end my work week. The food, the company, and the random conversations we had made me forget that I still have two weeks before the next payday. Sure, I would probably have to satiate my hunger with instant noodles until the next pay day, who cares? I will use the memories I have with the medium rare roast beef I had to make it through. 

They can grill your ex, if you ask politely.
So, if you're feeling grand and you want to show off, have your next meal at Vikings Luxury Buffet. They have tons of on going promo here, which you can avail, but why would you right? Convince yourself that you can afford it. I did and I am fine. 

And right here everyone, is the different types of diabetes.
That's all for today folks. Tune in for my next blog entry: How To Gourmet Instant Noodles. Bye!


  1. Awesome photos! I also feel the same about Vikings.


    1. Thanks! Were you in a food coma too after? haha

  2. I made the fatal mistake of eating my first two plates with rice. Thanks to that I wasn't able to enjoy the rest of the grub. Tall glasses of beer FTW tho.