Dear Diary,

Today, she was crying again. And as usual I'm the friend to the rescue. Must I always be like this?  When will I leave the "friend-zone". I have been loving her since time immemorial, yet I never had the courage to tell her. Should I? Well, She keeps on telling me that she's happy with him, and these cryings are just part of their "growing up process". To hell with that. Growing up need not to be that painful. I guarantee you that I can make her even happier. 

You know,  sometimes I think its my punishment for what I did before, with Karen. I know that she loves me, but I don't. No  matter how hard I try, I just couldn't learn how. She's a perfect catch, and it was such a miracle that she fell in love with me. Yet, I broke her heart, unintentionally. So maybe,this is my karma. 

I just dont know what to do. Should I tell her? Or should I just love her like this? 

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