Dear Diary,

I was about to tell her everything. I spent the whole 30  minutes of recess to gather my guts. I was planning on doing it on the library so that there wont much of  a crowd.

So I texted her, asking her to go to the library. She replied with a yes and so I waited. After 10 minutes of her not showing up I decided to leave, thinking that maybe something came up with her so was not able to come. But as I was leaving my chair, she called me, and my heart skipped a beat. This is it, the moment that I have been waiting for. So I hurriedly looked up, and she was with Jack, her boyfriend. She told me that she waited for Jack to finish his class before coming. I didn't know what to do. I sat there with a frozen smile and my nerves are panicking, thinking of a way to escape this catastrophic event. I can't tell her right now, I just cant, not in front of Jack. I wouldn't want to punched in the face of a back to back MVP. I have to think of a way to not say want I want to say. Not just to save me, but to save her as well. God knows how much of a fight it would have been for the three of us.  A classic love triangle, what a wonderful way to fall in love.

So to not cause us harm. I said the most effective lie I could  think of. Jack was already giving me the look. So, when she asked me what was the "important" thing that I want to confess. I just said that..... I just want you to know that I did it out of love and nothing more.

I just told her that, I am gay.

I know diary that if you are a real person, you would be rolling of the floor laughing. Who wouldn't? I just wish it would't get worst. What will happen tomorrow is something I never want to know.

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