With just a smile
You break through my insanity
And for a while
I taste immortality 
You're my personal ambrosia
So sweet that my life i would surrender
A cure for my hidden phobia
A drug to wake me from a dreadful slumber 
I'm the prey and you're the predator
But I will never run if ever youre in hunger
If my blood could satisfy you
Take my heart to fill you too 
You're the song and im the singer
If it pleases you I will sing forever
I'll do anything for you are my queen
If loving you is a mistake I'm guilty of that sin 
You're the witch and im the victim
I'm under your spell but i love the feeling
You're the cruelest as it may seem
Under your command I will do the killing 
I will sell my soul to the devil
For us to live forever
Nothing is against your will
If that will make you even happier
If my life you want to take
That decision is yours to make
I am in no position to stop you my love
Even those watching us from above 
These things may seem impossible
They mean too much the become inaudible
But you brought life back to me
So anything for you just to make you happy 
And as I hold your hand
I feel something only us could understand
There is so much more I want to do
But let me start by saying I love you 

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