To You

I was lying when I said I've moved on
And I will be lying if I said I want to
Butterflies in my stomach still goes on
Whenever my thoughts wander back to you

What we had was what I have always wanted
If everything was just right it would not have ended
I was too weak and gave up too early
Truth is you still mean more to me

What I have done will always be my biggest regret
Letting you go was my most stupid decision yet
May it was planned, maybe it was meant to be
Maybe it all happened so I could find me

For I what I did, I was not happy
But it was the best thing to do for you and me
We are both lost souls wandering nowhere
Maybe it was not really meant to be forever

I hope someday you will be able to forgive me
And I hope you're happy because you deserve to be
Always remember that you I will always love
You are the best thing anyone could ever have

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