The Wind

Take me, oh take me
Let’s go somewhere only our heart knows
And lay down forever till we turn into dust
And then we’ll be with the wind
Like what we dreamed of before
We’ll go places
And only our hearts will know
Existence don’t matter
For I feel like I’m living when I’m with you
I would give you my life
Don’t bother giving yours
That is how much I love you
And if you happen to miss  your old life
I’m very much willing to let you go
And break your bond with the wind
To be with the one who you really love
Leave me behind
I will be alright
If you’re alright
I will always be with the wind
To watch you
If I happen to miss you
I will be the wind that hugs and kisses you
If your sad and everything is messed up
I will be the wind that comforts you
Don’t you ever feel alone
‘cause this wind will always be by your side
I will blow your sadness away
That is how much I love you
And if you feel like you don’t belong anymore
This wind will welcome you back home
My door will always be open
If you happen to miss me
And realize that it is me who you really love
Then come back and be the wind
You won’t hear any word
Or complain
I will welcome you like it’s your first time
And I will take care of you like a new born child
We’ll reminisce how we started
From going to a place only our hearts know
Until the day we turned into dust
And became the wind
Maybe then you have learned how to love me
If not
Then it’s fine
We will still be the wind
I will never complain
You won’t hear any words
Being with you feels like you love me too
Even though you don’t
Your presence will do
That is how much I love you.

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