it was a damn good night
but it was better with you in my sight
even if we are surrounded by a noisy crowd
no one can rival my heart beating so loud

just your smile is enough to get me drunk and dizzy
and i think ill pass out if youre sitting next to me
but the night forbids us having fun together
how can they be so mean when its just love im after

 but even if youre sitting faraway from me
that wont stop me from enjoying this party
with a few drinks ill forget you in a while
just dont look at me wearing that sexy smile

but every shot makes me wish youre here beside me
holding my hands and telling some funny story
asking me if i could still go on, if im alright
and if i said no. youll hug me tight

its just the alcohol playing a trick
giving me thoughts that leaves me weak
giving me dreams that makes me sick
making me cry for almost a week

but hell! im gonna enjoy this party
even with thoughts of you bothering me
and ill smile even if my heart wants to frown
ill just smoke it off and drink it down

i dont want this to be over just yet
cause i still remember the things i want to forget
theres no need to ask cause thats YOU
and the fact that i dont know how i found myself madly inlove with you

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