Chasing Love

He used to be a believer of love. He used to sing along with those overrated love songs played repeatedly on the radio. He used to believe that love will come onto him soon, so he waited, patiently. Days passed, his love songs turned into elegies, his humming turned into mourns.There used to be hope within him, but now, hope was turned into desperation.

He couldn't wait any longer for  fate to make its move. Its like playing chess with The Thinking Man. So fate he put into his hands onto his pocket and decided to look for love on his own. Each step he takes reveal  paths that led him astray, yet too pre-occupied to even realize that he was lost. For him, all these will be worth it, for he will find love. But fate ever so playful, made his journey rather uneventful. Twists and turns he go, up and down he went, but love, proved to be elusive.

He was about to give up, he was exhausted from the journey,  but much more from failing. He was never a quitter, but this time  he accepted defeat. Then, a melody caught his eye, a vision he heard. Out of nowhere a voice emerged as if on cue. His heartfelt light, as river of tears came following from his eyes. He felt  at peace for the love he's looking for came knocking on his door. He  hurriedly  wiped his tears and opened the door. His mother came in and hugged him,carrying a box of pizza, and with a smile on her face she said "Im home" and all he can say is "Yes mom, I am too"

And he kept on believing. His heart renewed hope. He was back to listening overrated love songs on the radio. And he thought, these love songs were never wrong, I was just on the wrong time, and with that, he smiled.

*This story was published in DefinitelyFilipino.com

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