I loved you first....

A familiar song plays on the radio
And memories came rushing back 

You are my sweetest down fall
I loved you first...

I remember that summer night
When we shared a passionate kiss
Under the absence of light
Yet it was all clear
That what we had 
was love

I remember asking you
If its me you see the future with
But you said you're sleepy
And I pretended that I was, too
But I was not, for many nights I was not
For it bothered me
What was I to you?

You are my sweetest down fall

The morning greeted me with your absence
And I knew
Never did I bother to go looking for you
Because I know you never want to be found
I was too dumb
I was too numb
I was so many things
Yet I meant nothing to you

I loved you first...

 Then I saw you one day
Holding the hand of someone I know
No questions needed
I knew you were in love for I never saw you that way
When you were with me
I pretended to see nothing
Made my way home and cried
Its all I can do

The song was already finished
But it still plays repeatedly on my mind

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