Hypocrisy in all the Wrong Places

Have you seen those posts on Facebook where you have to like and share if you 'believe in God' and some of those pictures of deformed people that you have to like and share as well if you think that they are beautiful? Pardon my language on the later, I'm not really well versed in euphemism.

I find those posts to be nothing but a sign of downright hypocrisy. It has never occurred to me that faith is now measured by likes and shares of a poorly edited picture. So if ever I ignore such, will the church forsake me? Will God see me as sinful and forbid me in entering heaven? Should I be stoned to death for not liking and sharing those blessed photos? I have never imagines faith being that high-tech, lest people do such. And what makes it even funnier is people actually do like and share the damn photos. Oh blessed potato! What has become of the human race. It makes me scared to imagine what would the world be in the future, High Definition Carrot anyone?

This will be a little sensitive and I may sound harsh. I don't believe those "like if you think s/he's beautiful". It may sound harsh and too straight forward, but the sooner we accept that they don't look normal, the better. It's not helping that we force people to ignore what they can actually see. I don't think its being judgmental, rather, its being realistic. It is better that we let them realize that not all people will understand their situation so they need not to expect anything nice all the time. Some people see beauty but some will see deformity, and so it is better that we just let them accept the reality that the two types of people co-exists. Instead of making them think they are beautiful, why don't we teach them how to be more than what they are. Let us teach them that whatever sickness they have, it should not be a hindrance to be a better person. That way, they wouldn't expect to be consoled all the time, and be mad for those who wouldn't. Instead  they will walk this earth with better understanding than others. Let's not make them hate what they are by encouraging them to believe something that is obviously untrue.

That's all, I just feel like ranting and all. Plus I haven't blogged in a while. Good night folks!

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