A hero, philanthropist but above all, a mother.

My Mom would have been a many adjectives, but none of them can compliment here as a mother. She was never the spoiling but she gives everything I need, sometimes far more than that and sometimes even without asking. She might not be a mother of deeds or words but there's no denying that she is a mother by heart. God knows how hard it is to leave your child behind to work, but my Mom took the risk. I look up to her bravery to take risks in life. I envy her ability to trust people though they might take advantage of her and although it has been done to her many times, she never loses faith in people. My Mom maybe faraway but we have a tight relationship, it has been tested many times and thank God she has never forsaken me, at least not yet.

Of course like any other human being, my Mom has her flaws. She's too strong and too willing. She's too kind and too giving. She take on responsibilities that should not be her's, and though she does it well, people seem to think it will go on forever, leaving everything up to my Mom. One other flaw me and my Mom have in common, is that we like extravagance. I would always treat my friends, so does she. She shops for more than what we need and so do I. It would have been  a paragraph for flaws but I think I did otherwise.

My Mom is one of the million modern heroes we have. She bravely sailed the seas of Middle East to provide me whatever it is that I need. Like any other family nowadays, our's has been long broken, but me and my Mom stood steadfast together. She is my strength as I am hers. She is the only woman that I will love this much.

I don't know if this is enough to thank her for everything, but I do hope this is enough to make her happy in this special day. To say that you are the best Mom in the world will be a colossal understatement. Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you very very much!

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